Wet Process Switches and Optical Fiber Units


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Appearance Model No. Features Global standards
HPF-T032/HPF-T034 Pipe-Mounted Liquid Level Fiber Units
Fail-safe detection is available by using two different sensing methods for the upper and lower limits on the level of liquid in a tank. -
HPQ-T Series Pipe-Mounted Liquid-Level Switches with Self-contained Amplifier
HPQ-T Series
Just by mounting the switch on a pipe, the surface of the liquid can be easily detected. CE
HPF-D027/HPF-D033 Contact-Type Liquid Level Fiber Units
All-resin structure ensures no metal contamination.
HPQ-Dseries Liquid Leak Detectors with Self-contained Amplifier
Self-contained Amplifier, liquid absorbing paper not needed, usable with various liquids.
Acids or alkaline liquids, IPA (isopropyl alcohol), pure water, Fluorinert, Galden, etc.
* For product details, contact one of our sales representatives or an Azbil dealer.
HPQ-DP Series Liquid Leak Detectors with Self-contained Amplifier
HPQ-DP Series
Self-contained Amplifier, no absorbent paper required, usable with various liquids.
Pure water, industrial water, Fluorinert, Galden, etc.
HPF-D040 Liquid Leakage Fiber Units
PFA jacket affords outstanding ease of routing.
Can be used in explosion-proof atmospheres because the cable is optical fiber.
HPF-T047 Fiber Units for Small Parts Passage Detection
Reliable detection of small parts moving through the pipe. -
HPF-T030 Wafer-mapping fiber
Detects 300 mm wafers stored in a FOUP or open cassette without fail. -

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