Proximity Switches (Proximity Sensors)


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Proximity switches (proximity sensors) provide contactless detection of an approaching metal object.
We offer a variety of induction-based proximity switches, which make use of electromagnetic coupling to detect eddy currents generated in a metal target object.
Available types include cylindrical, square, compact, unshielded, DC two-wire, DC three-wire, AC-DC, and connector connection models, as well as varieties for particular environments, such as coolant-resistant, spatter-resistant, and aluminum-powder-resistant models.

Products Introduction Video Model H3C-H_

Products Introduction Video Model:H3C-H_

Detection without contact does not abrade or damage the target object.

Contactless output extends equipment service life.

Compared to switches that make contact, faster response is possible.

Unlike photoelectric switches, these products can be used in water and oil environments.

The color of the target object does not affect switch performance.

A wide selection of models is available.

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