Advanced Temperature Transmitters
Model ATT082/ATT085


These compact and lightweight smart temperature transmitters receive thermocouple input, RTD input, or mV input and transmit it as a 4–20 mA DC or degital signal. They can be used with general-purpose signal cables, similar to other transmitters for flow or pressure measurement, eliminating the need for compensation wires or three-wire shielded cables. This reduces the cost of engineering work and is effective in increasing the reliability of signal transmission. Range setting changes and self-diagnosis can be done remotely via communication. Use of the optional built-in digital indicator makes it possible to check the temperature or device malfunctions in the field.

Compact and lightweight

The Advanced Temperature Transmitter is lightweight, weighing only 900 g, and is highly resistant to vibration. This allows it to be mounted directly on process piping, enabling the same type of use as a conventional temperature sensor.

Multi-functional, highly reliable

The Advanced Temperature Transmitter is compatible with a variety of sensor types (C, D, J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B thermocouples, Pt100/200/500/1000, JPt100 resistance temperature detectors, mV voltages). All of the settings, such as the type of sensor, and measuring range changes, can be done remotely in the field with a communicator. The self-diagnostic function indicates thermocouple disconnection to help increase reliability.

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Built-in digital indicator (optional)

On-site specification of process temperatures was troublesome with the previous model. Use of the built-in digital indicator enables easy on-site specification of process temperatures at a low cost, increasing plant safety and facilitating output checking during maintenance.

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