Field mounted indicating controllersModel: KF***/KG***

Pressure measurement

Appearance Product name Model number Usage
KFDB*** Differential Pressure Indicating Controller KFDB*** These field mounted indicating controllers have a measuring element for process variables and an indicating controller unit common to all models. By changing the measuring element it is possible to measure and adjust basic process variables for temperature, pressure, flow rate, and liquid level, as well as standard pneumatic pressure signals (20 to 100 kPa).
This differential pressure indicating controller (model number KFDB***) converts changes in differential pressure to mechanical changes using a torque arm and torque tube, and indicates and adjusts the flow rate.

Pressure measurement

Appearance Product name Model number Usage
KFPA***, KFKB*** Differential Pressure Indicating Controller KFPA***, KFKB*** Fixed-range pressure indicating controllers (KFPA***) measure and adjust gauge pressures, pneumatic signals and negative pressures at various ranges by means of spiral or bellows element.
Adjustable-range pressure indicating controllers (KFKB***) measure gauge pressures and absolute pressures in various ranges by means of a KF instrumentation unit equipped with a full range of adjustment mechanisms in combination with a detection unit consisting of a highly flexible PREX3000 series pneumatic pressure transmitter.
KGP*** Pressure Indicating Controller KGP*** This controller measures pressure by converting changes in pressure to mechanical displacement by means of pressure-receiving element (bellows or spiral), and then indicates and adjusts that quantity. KGP*** pressure indicating controllers are highly resistant to vibration and have a long record of successful use in the marine shipping industry.

Temperature/humidity measurement

Appearance Product name Model number Usage
KFTA*** Temperature Indicating Controller KFTA*** The liquid-seal type detection tip of these temperature indicating controllers (KFTA***) detects temperatures from -50 and 300°C in various ranges, and its gas-seal detection tip detects temperatures from 0 to 500°C in various ranges. The instrumentation unit is the KF series, which is equipped with various adjustment mechanisms. A variety of protection tubes is also available.
KGT*** Temperature Indicating Controller KGT*** KGT*** temperature indicating controllers are feature-rich products that operate by converting changes in temperature to mechanical displacement (expansion of liquid) by way of a temperature element in order to indicate and control the temperature. They have a long record of successful use in the marine shipping industry. The measurement range is from 0 to 300°C.

Level measurement

Appearance Product name Model number Usage
KFLB*** Liquid Level Indicating Controller KFLB*** These liquid level indicating controllers combine a highly accurate and reliable instrumentation unit common to the KF** series with the above mentioned displacement-type liquid-level detection unit to detect and control liquid levels in a variety of ranges from 0–300 mm to 0–3 meters. There are nine available adjustment mechanisms, including on/off, differential gap, and PID operation, enabling selection of the right mechanism for the application.

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