Indicator and integrating meter

Field-Type Smart Meter (digital indicator), model No. NWS300

  • Digitally displays the analog output from a transmitter.
  • Its diagnostic function and display of various messages can be used to best advantage in combination with a azbil pressure transmitter.

Field-Type Analog Meter (current indicator), model No. NWA300

  • 240° wide-angle needle movement makes the display easily readable.

Multifunction panelmeter Model number: PCM***

Input: DC 4–20 mA / 1–5 V or open collector pulse / voltage pulse
Output: 4–20 mA DC, pulse, relay contacts (4)
Main functions: counter reset function, distributor function, reset function, cutoff function, suspend function, etc.

Universal Alarm Indicator, model No. PCA13***

  • This single alarm indicator has universal input specifications. Input is selectable from five types of thermocouples, resistance temperature detector, and analog signal. The thermocouple input terminal has a built-in room temperature compensation circuit.
  • Two relay contact alarm outputs are a standard feature. The output format can be set for high and low limits, high and high high limits, and low and low low limits.
  • 4–20 mA DC isolated output is possible as a standard feature.
  • Since any value between 4 and 20 mA DC can be output as a loop check function, it is not necessary to have a separate constant-current generator or similar device.
  • Scaling during input and output to/from thermocouples and resistance temperature detector can be set at any value between 4 and 20 mA DC.
  • This indicator is equipped with a large 15-mm LED display, and red or green LED can be selected according to the application.

Smart Indicator, model No. SI***

  • Displays sharp and vivid red, green and yellow colors.
  • The process value is displayed on an LED bar graph.
  • Alarms can be output based on the process quantity (SIC, SID models).
  • Close side-by-side mounting is possible with other smart indicators or with other instrumentation, such as controllers.
  • This meter has a DIN-compatible size convenient for instrumentation, and has a compact and lightweight design.

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