Indicator and integrating meter

Field type indicator

Appearance Product name model number Usage
NWS300 Field-Type Smart Meter NWS300 A field-mounted indicator that displays the output from a transmitter in a digital or analog format
NWA300 Field-Type Analog Meter NWA300 A current indicator that displays the analog signal (4 to 20 mA) from a transmitter

Panel type indicator/integrating meter

Appearance Product name model number Usage
PCM*** Multifunction Panelmeter PCM*** This panel meter receives analog output or pulse output from a flowmeter, pressure gauge, photoelectric switch, etc., and is equipped with various functions, such as a counter function for display of either the instantaneous value or accumulated value on an LED display.

Panel type alarm indicator

Appearance Product name model number Usage
PCA13 Universal Alarm Indicator PCA13 An alarm indicator with a large display and input selectable from thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, or analog signal (DC 1–5 V, 4–20 mA)
SI Digitronik Smart Indicator W/LED Bar Graph SI The smart indicator is a highly reliable, compact DIN-compliant size, light-weight alarm indicator with LED bar graph for process monitoring use.

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