Sapphire Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
Model SPG5_/6_/7_


The SPG5/6/7 of sapphire diaphragm gauges has a single-crystal sapphire pressure sensing element that offers excellent corrosion resistance, ability to withstand high temperatures, and excellent mechanical properties. In addition, it detects static capacitance to achieve excellent measurement repeatability even in high-temperature measurement environments.

These self-heating diaphragm vacuum gauges utilize advanced signal processing technology to achieve temperature characteristics and linearity with minimal measurement error. Their sapphire sensor, which is formed with micromachining technology, makes the compact size and light weight possible.

Helps improve quality

Vacuum gauges are often used in extremely high-stress environments, and generally are prone to deviation of the zero point due to numerous factors. Zero point deviation of vacuum gauges affects the controlled variable, which in turn affects the quality of the final product. Fortunately, SPG sapphire diaphragm vacuum gauges utilize a mechanism that prevents zero point shift.

Helps improve productivity

Reduces plant down time and is equipped with functions that reduce wasted time.

Helps improve processes

Enables visualization of various types of information that could previously only be determined by changes in the pressure signal, thus helping to improve production processes.

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