Sapphire Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
Model V8C/V8S



Sapphire capacitance diaphragm gauge model V8 is equipped with a sensor manufactured using MEMS processing technology, achieving higher resistance to deposition.
A single-crystal sapphire pressure-sensing element offers excellent corrosion resistance, ability to withstand high temperatures, and excellent mechanical characteristics. Model V8S can be used in temperatures as high as 250 °C.

Shorter process downtime achieved by higher deposition resistance

With MEMS processing technology, the amount of zero point shift has been reduced to one-tenth that of our conventional products.

Stress-balanced structure
Zero-point shift is reduced by thickening
the periphery of the pressure-sensing part to offset
the stress applied to the periphery and the central part,
thereby making the pressure-sensing part unlikely to deform.

V8 sensor structure

Stress-balanced structure

Uneven sensor chip surface
Processing makes the surface uneven,
which breaks up deposited film and reduces stress that deposition causes.

Uneven sensor chip surface

Resistant to 250°C for use of high-temperature process gases

The V8S can be used in temperatures as high as 250 °C because its circuit boards and the sensor are separated and special materials are used.

Compact size with smaller footprint

By arranging components more efficiently inside the product, its volume has been reduced by 40 % compared to our conventional products.

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