BU100H HART I/O Module - HART Communication Interface

  1. Enables easy realization of a HART communication environment
    • Easy implementation of HART communication using existing 4–20 mA wiring, which is one of features of HART communication.
    • HART communication can be implemented by replacing existing Azbil controllers in the following systems with I/O modules.
      DCS Controller
      TDCS3000 A-MC, PM100, PM-EX
      Harmonas-DEO HC, DOPC, DOPC II, DOPC III
  2. Faster HART communication throughput
    • The one-by-one HART modem method allows faster communication throughput than the general HART multiplexer method, achieving 1200 bps full speed HART communication.
      Faster HART communication throughput
  3. Reliable and safe design
    • Field-proven design is used for the 4–20 mA analog I/O control circuit. There is no need to worry about new I/O modules.
    • A HART communication failure will not affect control, because the HART circuit is completely separate from the 4–20 mA analog I/O circuit.
      Reliable and safe design