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Diagnostic possibilities with the Smart Valve Positioners 700 Series

Diagnose underperformance and establish operational benchmarks
before valves start operating abnormally

Despite no clear signs of abnormality,
are valves working correctly and delivering proper performance?

On top of the same functions offered by the previous generation of valve positioners (the 300 Series), the Smart Valve Positioners 700 Series also enables you to measure the motions of control valves from different angles using built-in air pressure sensors. More advanced evaluation, such as diagnosis of underperformance and establishment of operational benchmarks, can be made before valves start working abnormally.

Checking the condition of underperforming valves

A maximum friction diagnosis parameter enables you to check valves for underperformance while their operation is still in the normal range. Abnormalities that cannot be detected using information from angle sensors can also be checked.

Diagnostic range of the 700 Series*

Valves are checked for underperformance using the maximum friction
diagnosis parameter when they are not yet operating abnormally

Maximum friction (underperforming: not yet in the abnormal range)
* Models AVP701/702/703
Diagnostic range of the 200/300 Series*

No abnormality, according to information from angle sensors

Maximum operating speed (no abnormalities)
* Models AVP202/207 and AVP302/307

Checking valve operational performance

Valve performance is assessed during operation by monitoring output air pressure and degree of opening.

In the current operating condition,
the valve cannot be fully closed in an emergency

Online diagnosis: output validity (workload), Online diagnostic values, Baseline spring range, In the present operating condition, actuating force is weaker than fluid reaction force

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