Faster Equipment Startup after Periodic Maintenance

Streamlined pre-start preparation helps to shorten periodic repair periods

Since the preparation before starting up a plant is critical, it used to require several days of work by specialists. But with InnovativeField Organizer (IFO) and the control valve maintenance support system PLUG-IN Valstaff, our customers have been able to dramatically streamline inspections and testing in order to shorten the periodic maintenance period.

Streamlining loop checks

Maximizing instrumentation maintenance efficiency, IFO carries out tasks that used to be dependant on multiple field technicians.

1. Analog input loop checks(e.g., 3 loops, 100 pressure gauges)

Conventional method

Conventional method

Field technicians feed simulated input using a communicator, and an operator checks the result.


IFO-based method

IFO-based method

Instead of field technicians, IFO obtains and monitors a variety of measurements.


2. Analog output loop checks(e.g., 5 points, round trip, 85 control valves)

Conventional method

Conventional method

Field technicians check the actual opening of control valves against DCS output, and an operator changes DCS output manually.


IFO-based method

IFO-based method

Instead of field technicians, IFO checks the actual opening of control valves against the DCS output. If OPC communication can be used with the DCS, instead of the operator, IFO automatically changes the DCS output.


3. Streamlining AO loop checks using Yokogawa PRM + Valstaff

Conventional method

Conventional method

An operator changes the MV from the DCS manually, and field technicians check the actual opening of the control valves in response to the MV from the DCS.


New method

Image of inspection by IFO

Instead of the operator, Valstaff automatically changes the output MV from the adjustment control block through Exaopc. Instead of field technicians, Valstaff checks the actual opening of the control valves against the MV output from the DCS through PRM using HART communication.

90%(+) cut in work hrs

● This function is available in Valstaff R51 and later

Streamlining step response tests

Valstaff performs step response tests to check whether valves open accurately and smoothly in response to commands. By plotting test results on graphs, Valstaff makes it easier to assess performance and to identify deteriorating control valves and incompatibilities. Since tests can be run automatically on multiple control valves simultaneously, you can significantly reduce the work-hours needed for periodic repair and inspection.

Stroke test of 42 control valves
using a conventional method

Stroke test of 42 control valves using a conventional method

2–3 workers needed, 1 in the control room and 1 or more in the field.


Testing by Valstaff

Testing by Valstaff

Sequentially testing the listed valves, as many as 16 at a time, can save a lot of time.


Streamlining interlock and sequence checking

By using the IFO simulated input tool for sequence testing or interlock testing, you can command simulated input in a batch from IFO instead of sending simulated input at the production site or at the terminal board.
This tool eliminates the need for labor-intensive simulated input work, and helps make testing more efficient. In addition, there is a safety benefit. By eliminating wire disconnection work, it eliminates wiring errors that might occur when the instruments are reconnected.

Conventional method

Conventional method

Many workers are required for simulated input.

Significant reduction in manpower

IFO-based method

Simulated signals

Batch sending of simulated signals frees you from highly labor-intensive work.

Plant operator

When running various tests after periodic repair, we used to work in pairs, using a lot of time and effort.


The Azbil Valve Diagnostics Service streamlines various labor-intensive testing after periodic maintenance, helping to accelerate equipment startup.

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