Types of diagnosis

Types of diagnosis Image

Primary screening diagnosis

Valves connected to the control valve maintenance support system PLUG-IN Valstaff are checked and those with abnormal data trends are identified.

This makes it possible to identify valves that need attention from among the hundreds of valves at the plant and to determine their condition. The valves requiring attention are assessed in the 5 areas shown below, and a summary report is presented that contains overall assessments and radar charts.

Radar charts

  • Radar charts show the results of assessment for each diagnosed item.
  • Valve health is rated on a scale of zero to three, with three being the best.
Radar charts
Summary report

Detailed diagnosis

A thorough analysis of valves that were found to have strong abnormal trends during primary screening diagnosis, as well as customer-specified valves, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their condition.

We submit a detailed diagnostic report, as described below, and as necessary we can meet with you to help with maintenance planning.

  • Abnormality areas
  • Abnormal opening range
    (only Models AVP701/702/703)
  • Changes in an abnormal trend
  • Abnormality assessment data
Detailed diagnosis

Detailed analysis report (sample)

Diagnostic results
Valve diagnostic data

Comparative verification

Even valves with completely identical specifications have different characteristics depending on the fluid used and operating conditions.
These characteristics can be understood by repeated comparisons of diagnoses with valve overhaul inspection results.

Comparative verification helps with accurate valve maintenance planning by providing diagnostic information tuned to the characteristics of individual valves, which is not possible with regular diagnosis.

Diagnostic results

Diagnostic results

Overhaul inspection results

Valve state 01 Valve state 02
Comparative verification

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