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Dividends and Shareholder Returns

Basic Policy Regarding Profit Sharing

The azbil Group places great importance on the distribution of profits to its shareholders. The management would like to maintain stable dividends while striving to increase its dividends payout, taking into account comprehensively its consolidated performance, levels of ROE (Return On Equity), DOE (Dividends On Equity), as well as retained earnings for strengthening its business base and developing future businesses.
As regards the use to which retained earnings will be put, while effectively investing them in strengthening the business base and business expansion - for example, reinforcing products and services for business growth and implementing structural reform of global production and development - as well as in enhancing management, we will also invest in contingency plans to ensure business continuity following natural disasters, etc., thus aiming to realize even greater shareholder value.

Dividend Information

Dividends for the current fiscal year

Interim Dividend ¥33.50 / Share
Year-end Dividend (Plan) ¥33.50 / Share

Payment schedule (Date of right allotment)

Interim Dividend December (September 30)
Year-end Dividend June (March 31)

Dividend transition

(Ended March 31, 2015)
¥63.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2014)
¥63.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2013)
¥63.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2012)
¥63.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2011)
¥63.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2010)
¥62.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2009)
¥62.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2008)
¥60.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2007)
¥50.00 / Share  
(Ended March 31, 2006)
¥50.00 / Share Including commemorative dividend for 100th anniversary: ¥10
(Ended March 31, 2005)
¥23.00 / Share