Azbil Publishes 2020 Integrated Report
- Covers Management and Business Activities That Further the New Leadership’s Goal of Contributing “In Series” to the Achievement of a Sustainable Society and the SDGs -

TOKYO, Oct. 8, 2020: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) announced that it has published the English version of its 2020 integrated report, “azbil report 2020,” which details the Company’s management and automation business, with emphasis on the azbil Group’s aim of contributing “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society and the SDGs, being advanced by Representative Director, President and Group CEO Kiyohiro Yamamoto, who was appointed to the position in June 2020.

Azbil was founded in 1906 with the goal of freeing people from drudgery through measurement and control technology. Through that inherited DNA, Azbil undertakes management and business activities based on the philosophy of realizing safety, comfort, and fulfillment in people's lives and contributing to global environmental preservation through "human-centered automation." In 2014, the Company added non-financial information such as environmental and social initiatives to its integrated report in accordance with the International Integrated Reporting Framework in order to provide shareholders, investors, customers, and other various stakeholders an easy-to-understand explanation of the azbil Group’s medium- and long-term strategies as well as continual value creation process. Through the perspective of ESG and TCFD*1, this year’s integrated report also looks at the pressing issue of COVID-19 and how the Company is responding to it, solutions using products and services based on the azbil Group’s automation technology to tackle global warming and achieve the SDGs, the Group’s business foundations, and initiatives for health and well-being management and personnel development.

azbil report
azbil report

azbil report 2020

The following are some of the features in this year’s integrated report.

  • Interview with Kiyohiro Yamamoto, President and Group CEO
    Mr. Yamamoto explains attaining sustainable growth through management that contributes “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society and the SDGs. In addition, he details how the Group will strengthen management foundations and business profitability, the Group’s response to COVID-19, and how automation will contribute to resolving social issues through technological innovations such as AI and cloud computing.

  • The azbil Group’s initiatives for creating value and achieving the SDGs
    In order to contribute “in series” to achieving the SDGs, the azbil Group defined four “Essential Goals of azbil Group for the SDGs” as well as new numerical targets. The report explains these in detail and initiatives to achieve them. In addition, Mr. Yamamoto details governance, opportunities, and risk based on TCFD recommendations along with how the SDGs and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues relate to the azbil Group’s business activities.

  • HR initiatives including health and well-being management
    The azbil Group believes that a key business foundation for sustainable growth is making workplaces and employees healthy, happy, and lively, as stated in the “azbil Group Health and Well-being Declaration.” For that reason, this year’s report discusses current initiatives such as work style reform and diversity promotion.

The integrated report can be downloaded from the following website.
azbil report 2020

Guided by the philosophy of "human-centered automation", the azbil Group will continue to realize safety, comfort, and fulfilment in people's lives and contribute to the global environment. Furthermore, the Group aims to resolve social issues and implement continual growth through management that contributes “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society and the SDGs.

Kiyohiro Yamamoto, President and Group CEO of Azibl Corporation

Representative Director, President and Group CEO Kiyohiro Yamamoto explains management that contributes "in series" to the achievement of a sustainable society and the SDGs.

Contents of azbil report 2020

azbil Value Creation
Greetings, azbil’s History of Value Creation, azbil’s Value Creation, Past Year, Interview with the CEO, azbil Group’s Value Creation & Approach to Realizing the SDGs
The integrated report introduces the azbil Group’s Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct, which were revised based on the corporate DNA inherited since Azbil’s founding. Mr. Yamamoto explains management that contributes “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society and the SDGs. In addition, the report shares specific goals and initiatives, such as effectively reducing 3.4 million metric tons of CO2 at customers’ sites, relating to SDGs, TCFD, and ESG issues.
Creating Value through Our Core Business
Overview of Business Automation, Advanced Automation, and Life Automation Businesses; Technological Research & Product Development; Manufacturing & Procurement; Sales, Engineering, Installation, and Service; Global Network
The report looks at the azbil Group’s automation business and how it contributes to the achievement of a sustainable society. Also detailed is the Group’s value chain supporting that business, including technological development, production, engineering, and services.
Infrastructure to Support Value Creation
CSR Management of the azbil Group, Environmental Initiatives, CSR Procurement, Quality Assurance and Safety of Products and Services, Human Resource Initiatives, Compliance, Internal Control, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Profiles of Management, Communication with Stakeholders, Exchanges with Society and Social Contribution Activities
The integrated report covers basic corporate activities and dialogue-based communication with stakeholders that the Group must carry out for securing its own sustainability and place in society, which is required for contributing to a sustainable society.
Financial and Non-Financial Data
Financial and Non-Financial Highlights, 11-Year Key Financial and Non-Financial Figures, Consolidated Balance Sheet, Consolidated Statement of Income and Comprehensive Income, Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity and Cash Flows, Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements, Independent Auditor’s Report, azbil Group Companies Data, Corporate Data/Stock Information
The report presents financial and non-financial data in an easy-to-understand manner using graphs and other visualizations.

*1 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. Established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in 2015, the TCFD published recommendations in 2017 on the disclosure of climate-related financial risk information. Currently, the term “TCFD” refers to the organization’s recommendations and proposed framework.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.


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