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Group Profile

The azbil Group provides its customers with timely solutions via an integrated structure that extends from planning and development to maintenance and service, capable of responding rapidly to customer needs.

Driven by the Group philosophy of “human-centered automation,” the azbil Group strives to utilize its measurement and control technologies to realize safety, comfort, and fulfillment in people’s lives while contributing to the global environment. The Group's Business Automation business, which is centered on offices and large buildings, and Advanced Automation business, which provides solutions for factories and plants, serve customers around the globe. Additionally, in Japan the Group's Life Automation business focuses on markets closely connected with people’s lives, such as lifelines and health. In each field the Group pursues its business with an integrated structure that combines everything from planning and development to marketing and maintenance, and is capable of responding rapidly to customer needs. This makes it possible to incorporate on-site feedback into solutions swiftly and confidently, enhancing on-site technologies and service capabilities, and ensuring cost reductions through greater efficiency. As a true solution partner - delivering comfort, safety and energy savings in an optimum form - the azbil Group strives to provide dependable product development that reflects market needs, while also improving service.