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Corporate Philosophy / Symbol / Policies

Our philosophy

To realize safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives and contribute to global environmental preservation through “human-centered automation.”

To achieve our philosophy,

●We create value together with customers at their site.
●We pursue our unique value based on the idea of “human-centered.”
●We think towards the future and act progressively.

Utilizing our measurement and control technologies, we realize safety, comfort and fulfillment to people in their work and everyday life, and contribute to the global environment through “human-centered automation.”
Human-centered automation is a technology that aims to understand what makes people happy and fulfilled, and produce happiness for every individual.
A shift from controlling equipment to fulfilling people’s satisfaction. To realize a sense of security and comfort through safe and pleasant living and working environments, as well as a sense of fulfillment from realizing one’s goals ; this is the focus of the value we create. As an important technology in harmony with social values, such as structural changes, advances in production and R&D, and environmental and energy conservation, “human-centered automation” is indispensable to society, people’s lives, and the global environment.

“To create value together with customers at their site,” means to understand that the real source of our value is at the customer’s site, and to pursue solving problems and serving customers on site.

“To pursue our unique value based on the idea of “human-centered,”” means to understand for oneself what brings happiness to people, and provide the technologies, products and services that contribute to their happiness; and to continue pursuing innovation based on measurement and control.

“To think towards the future and act progressively,” means to think and act on what should be succeeded in the future, and how we should be to achieve this; and to continue challenging to create a corporate culture for innovation that meets the expectations of our customers, local community, society and stakeholders.

Our symbol, azbil


Azbil is the new symbol of the group that will bring us together.

Let us nurture it into a brand that customers love. automation・zone・builder
azbil (Automation・Zone・Builder) represents our philosophy of realizing safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives, and contributing to the global environment through human-centered automation.
The roundness of the letters signifies tender humanity, and the oval shape curving upward to the right expresses our unlimited potential.

Corporate color : azbil red

This new color symbolizes our philosophy.
Red, a warm color, expresses passion and life that represents our philosophy.
The deep, rich red stands for our pride as an automation company with a long tradition, as well as our spirits of challenges into the future.
This unique color has been dubbed our own azbil red.

Now and in the future,

We will contribute to society by utilizing its measurement and control technologies.
The customer’s delight is our satisfaction. Let us all exercise teamwork through azbil.


The azbil Group's code of conduct and policies

Corporate Philosophy