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- Guideposts for the azbil Group, to implement its philosophy -

Guiding Principles for azbil Group Business
- Guideposts for the azbil Group, to implement its philosophy -

In order to implement our corporate philosophy, we will take action based on the 5 Guideposts (guiding principles for business), aiming to serve as a guiding bridge that interconnects our worldwide customers and leads us all into the future.

1. Realizing a safe and comfortable social environment through cooperative creation by human ingenuity and technology
Applying our core automation technology and aiming to create harmony between people and technology based on safety and high quality, we will actualize people-oriented automation. To ensure that our long-established credibility accompanies us into the future, we will continue to provide spaces of high value, working with pride and a sense of responsibility.
2. Contributing in series to the achievement of a sustainable society
We are aware that our business is directly linked to the shared global goal of realizing a sustainable society. We will take the initiative to address important global issues in all our business activity and through the actions of our employees, helping to realize a sustainable society and protect the Earth’s environment.
3. Building long-term partnerships with stakeholders
Based on the happiness of people working in the azbil Group, we continually pursue the happiness of our customers at their sites, and share in their sense of accomplishment. With this business model as the driving source of growth, we establish long-standing mutual trust relationships with all stakeholders, including our shareholders and customers.
4. Creating dynamic value through diverse human resources and teamwork
We value individual personnel with varied personalities, abilities, and knowledge, respecting their diversity. In order to create higher value, we join our diverse human talents into an organic whole and harmonize together as a team to move forward in strength.
5. Growing constantly through innovation and a corporate culture of continual learning
In order to continue to be a corporate organization that provides inspiration to society, we actively take on new challenges, not fearing failure or change. We will always continue to learn and to grow by virtue of innovative action and ideas that are unrestrained by precedent or conventional framework.

We, the azbil Group, fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by respecting the Group Philosophy and Guideposts (Guiding Principles) as well as our Code of Conduct, and thereby continue to be a corporate organization that has value for society.