azbil Group Code of Conduct

1. Duty to Report Violations and Right to be Protected from Reprisals
If we find any violation of this Code of Conduct, any unethical behavior or any violation of the laws and regulations, or if there is a likelihood of a violation, or if we have difficulty in deciding how to act, we will immediately consult with and report to a supervisor. If it is not possible to consult with a supervisor, we will utilize the CSR Hotline System (employee consultation and reporting system).
We are responsible for promptly reporting problems and cooperating to solve them. Consulting with and reporting to a supervisor or the CSR Hotline helps to protect the aG as a whole, as well as each one of us.
Note: The consultation and reporting system ensures strict confidentiality, and steps are taken to prevent reprisals against those who consult or report a problem. No one who makes a report or submits an inquiry about a violation or possible violation of laws and regulations or of this Code of Conduct will ever be dismissed or otherwise unfavorably treated for that reason.