Occupational Health and Safety

The azbil Group Basic Policy on Health and Safety

In order to realize the azbil Group’s philosophy of providing people with peace of mind, comfort, and a sense of achievement through human-centered automation and of preserving the environment, we have established a Basic Safety and Health Policy and are working to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for the entire staff at each workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

We introduced our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in October 2011 in order to ensure the safety and maintain and improve the health of all people working at the company, based on the recognition that ensuring safety and health is indispensable for continuing corporate activity. In 2019, the standard for the OHSMS was changed from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 with no interruption in operation.

The azbil Group Safety and Health Management System

Through the Safety and Health Committee, we create healthy and safe workplaces with the aim of instilling the azbil Group's Basic Safety and Health Policy, maintaining and developing the system of safety and health.
In April 2016, the azbil Group’s Central Health and Safety Committee was established to ensure the safety and health of employees and promote the creation of comfortable work environments.

Education and Training for Safety and Health

We provide several training courses like human error prevention. Especially we are continuing our "Zero Accidents Challenge" program by improving efficiency through hybrid courses and e-learning (LMS) and by training human resources through Safety I & Safety II.

Safety I, Safety measures to prevent accidents. Safety II, Safety measures to minimize damage when accidents occur.

Safety Meister System

The Safety Meister System was introduced in 2014. Safety Meisters are experts in safety who apply their knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to raise the established level of safety in the field and in the workplace. They have the skills, and fulfil the role, of giving guidance that prevents workplace accidents and their recurrence, and of raising the effectiveness of prevention measures.
They participate in a wide range of safety and health activities to improve our onsite capabilities.

Kawara-ban safety newsletter

Kawara-ban has been published monthly since April 2014. Its intended audience includes all azbil Group staff, as well as partner companies.
Accident information, measures to prevent recurrence, alerts, mini-safety education, information on revised laws, etc., is published and is utilized for TBM, KY-RA, etc., on external work sites, at district safety and health committee meetings, workplace meetings, etc.

TBM, Toolbox Talk KY-RA, Risk Prediction for Risk Assessment

Occurrence of Accidents

We track the status of occupational accidents within the azbil Group and work to reduce them.