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SDGs Initiatives

The azbil Group shares the value of sustainability with society by working with stakeholders to pro-mote activities that contribute to the SDGs. This leads to our sustained growth and increased corporate value.

azbil Group’s Approach to the SDGs

Since the UN adopted the SDGs in 2015, the azbil Group has used them as a compass to guide its business activities. Since then, we have engaged in SDG initiatives to achieve sustained growth and contribute “in series” to a sustainable society. We established the Essential Goals of azbil Group for SDGs in 2019, positioning the period through FY2030 as a Decade of Action and stepping up our efforts, driven by the Corporate Sustainability Headquarters set up in 2020.

The Steps azbil Group is Taking to Achieve the SDGs

*Essential Goals:I Environment and Energy, II New Automation, III Supply Chain, Social Responsibility, IV Health and Well-being Management, An Organization That Never Stops Learning

Click here for Essential Goals of azbil Group for SDGs.

SDGs Promotion Framework

The azbil Group’s Corporate Sustainability Headquarters functions as the main office for running the SDGs Promotion Committee, which utilizes the PDCA cycle to step up the initiatives to achieve the Essential Goals of azbil Group for SDGs in FY2030. The Corporate Sustainability Headquarters formulates, executes, and evaluates plans relating to the SDGs, based on the discussions of the SDGs Promotion Committee, and reports on progress to the Board of Directors.
Four working groups with different themes have been set up under the umbrella of the SDGs Promotion Committee. These working groups are liaising closely through the azbil Group CSR Promotion Committee, which has a cross-organizational function, with bodies such as the azbil Group Technology Committee, as well as guiding issue resolution and SDG realization efforts on a Group-wide basis. For example, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department and Azbil Academy, a specialized organization dedicated to personnel development, the working groups are promoting greater awareness of the SDGs throughout the Group and focusing on education and training activities that will encourage proactive participation on the part of every employee. At the same time, by working closely with the Corporate Communication Task Force, the working groups are promoting SDG initiatives and disseminating ESG information that responds to the demands of society.

SDGs Promotion Framework