Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policy / Priority Measures

Based on the azbil Group Basic Environmental Policy, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our own business, and to solve the environmental problems of our customers and society.

Environmental Management

Our efforts to preserve the environment are centered around our ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Initiatives at Factories and Offices

Environment performance data, global warming countermeasures, and legal compliance at factories and offices.

Environmentally Friendly Products and Services

In the early stages of development planning and design, environmentally friendly design takes into consideration the entire life cycle of the product (or service), from material procurement to production, distribution, sale, use, and disposal.

Biodiversity Conservation

Aware of the impact that business activities have on the ecosystem, group companies promote activities for biodiversity conservation.

An Outside Opinion of Our Environmental Initiatives

Professor Tatsuo Nobe of Kogakuin University has provided his independent opinion about the environmental initiatives of the azbil Group (aG).