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Biodiversity Conservation

We understand that even as our business activities are receiving benefits from Mother Nature, they are also having various effects on the ecosystem. Based on this awareness, and conscious of our co-existence with nature, we work to foster biodiversity.As a signatory of the Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation), the azbil Group carries out activities to conserve energy and resources, and works to preserve the natural environment at its business sites and in surrounding areas in cooperation with non-profit organizations, universities, and local governments. In the year ended March 2017, we conducted environmental preservation activities on six occasions at three locations, the city of Fujisawa, the town of Minamiaizu in Fukushima Prefecture, and on the premises of Azbil Kyoto Co.,Ltd. It is hoped that the continued participation of employees and their families in such activities will raise the environmental awareness of each employee and foster a culture of environmental preservation throughout the azbil Group.

Protecting the Maiden Lily in Minamiaizu

Since July 2011, the azbil Group has regularly participated in activities under an environmental protection agreement with the town of Minamiaizu.
Located in southwestern Fukushima Prefecture, Minamiaizu is famous for clusters of himesayuri (Lilium rubellum), or maiden lily. This plant has been designated a near-threatened species on the Red List of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, and the town is taking steps to preserve it. In October 2016, azbil Group employees and their families worked with members of the local community to clear underbrush, sow seeds and plant bulbs.

As it can take 10 years or more for a maiden lily to bloom after its seeds are sown, preservation activities are ongoing.
In February 2016, this activity received an award as a good example of the conservation of Japan's natural environment from The Nature Conservation Society of Japan.


Planting maiden lily bulbs


Maiden lily

Greenery Preservation in Fujisawa

In January 2011, the azbil Group’s largest facility, Fujisawa Technology Center (FTC), entered into a green space preservation agreement with the City of Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture where it is located. As part of that agreement, FTC employees regularly participate in activities in the city’s “green spaces.”
One challenge facing Fujisawa has been the large number of green spaces in the city that have been left unmaintained. Under the guidance of Fujisawa Green Staff, a local nonprofit organization, we are helping to make more sustainable use of these areas. In the year ended March 2017, employees and their families thinned a wooded area and used the trees that were cut down to make a walking path.
Changes can now be seen in these previously dim green spaces as the work done by volunteers allows more sunlight to shine in and new vegetation grow.


Tree-thinning work

Initiative at Azbil Kyoto Co., Ltd.

Azbil Kyoto Co., Ltd., which began operations in 1996, built a plant on property developed by the local government in a vally forest admist hills and rice terraces. With the passage of time since the start of operation, trees began to grow on the cutaway face of the hill in front of the property, as in the surrounding forest.
At that point, together with Earthwatch Japan (an environmental NPO), Kyoto University’s Field Science Education and Research Center, and students at the university’s Faculty of Agriculture, azbil Group employees and their families started a activity in the year ended March 2014. In the year ended March 2017, we thinned a wooded area.With the aid of this activity, the future direction of environmental preservation initiatives will be planned, encompassing not only the business site but also a nearby reservoir.


Surveying trees


Tree-thinning work