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Preservation of Biodiversity

Consideration of preservation of biodiversity

While carrying out business activities that benefit from the blessings of nature, we of the azbil Group recognize that our activities have various effects on the ecosystem. Accordingly, we participate in biodiversity initiatives as a partner in Nippon Keidanren’s1 Declaration of Biodiversity.2 The Declaration calls upon companies to conduct biodiversity preservation activity not only on their own, but to “collaborate with relevant international and national organizations,” a strategy that we pursue with our business partners.

  1. Nippon Keidanren is the Japan Business Federation, an organization formed with the objective of putting forth proposals from industry for Japan’s economic policies.
  2. Keidanren announced its Declaration of Biodiversity in the spring of 2009. With that as a basis, the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation assembled rules and guidelines for promoting biodiversity into a “Guide to Action Policy,” which details the objectives (reasons) for the seven actions enjoined by the Declaration, as well as points to consider and sample activities, in easily understood form. Moreover, the Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation calls for companies that agree with the gist of the Declaration of Biodiversity and that announce activities contributing to the preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, to cooperate as Declaration of Biodiversity partners, of which Azbil Corporation is one.

A Request from the azbil Group Regarding Biodiversity Preservation   Issued in March, 2015