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Water resource conservation initiatives

Under the azbil Group Basic Environmental Policy, we continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities with respect to water resources.

Water use condition

In addition to implementing various water conservation measures, we are reusing wastewater from clean rooms and using rainwater. By continuing application of these measures, we aim to reduce the amount of water used each year to below the level of the previous year. As a system to implement this initiative, the azbil Group Environmental Committee holds a review meeting three times a year with the azbil Group’s executive officer responsible for the environment.

The amount of water used in fiscal year 2019 at the azbil Group’s bases was reduced 7.0 % from the previous year. The amount of water reused in fiscal year 2019 was 3,400 m³, and the reuse rate was 2.7 %.

(Unit: 1000 m3)

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Water usage
(Total water withdrawals)
Total water discharges 143.2 139.5 130.8

Scope: Azbil Corp., consolidated subsidiaries in Japan, and main manufacturing bases overseas

Dealing with Water-Related Risk

Survey on water risk has been undertaken as a business continuity initiative, as well as risk assessment using the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) water risk mapping tool, Aqueduct. As a result of risk assessment, we found that water risk is high at our bases in China (Dalian) and Thailand. We understand that the amount of water used at these sites is about 20 % of the total.We received a B- score in the CDP Water Security Report for 2019.