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Environmental Regulation Compliance

Preventing Environmental Pollution

The azbil Group conducts regular monitoring and measurement of exhaust gas and wastewater, maintains abatement systems, properly manages chemicals, and conducts emergency preparedness training.

Environmental Regulation Compliance

In fiscal year 2020, the azbil Group did not violate any laws, was not penalized or fined, and was not subject to any litigation or complaints concerning environmental matters.

Compliance with PRTR Law

We stopped using dichloromethane, which is a substance with serious environmental impact, in fiscal year 2009, and we were phasing it out before that time. We are also making progress in reducing other chemical substances.

Report on materials governed by Japan’s PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) law* used in quantities of 1 ton or more by the Group.

* Law promoting confirmation and improved measurement and management of emissions of specified chemical substances into the environment.

PRTR Law Class 1 Designated Chemical Substances