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Environmental Activities History

2023 March Azbil Recognized by CDP as Supplier Engagement Leader, the Highest Designation in the Supplier Engagement Rating for the Second Consecutive Year
April Registered as an energy management service provider that supports energy conservation initiatives of factories and offices for the tenth consecutive year.
2022 February Azbil Recognized by CDP as Supplier Engagement Leader, the Highest Designation in the Supplier Engagement Rating
May Azbil's Shonan Factory and Hadano Distribution Center to Purchase 100% Renewable Electricity – Aiming for Substantially Zero GHG Emissions by 2050 –
May The azbil Group Establishes New Target in the Environment and Energy Field for the SDGs — Contributing “In Series” to a Sustainable Society —
June Registered as an energy management service provider that supports energy conservation initiatives of factories and offices for the ninth consecutive year.
December Azbil Named to CDP's 2022 “A List” for Climate Change, Earning Highest Rating for Second Consecutive Year
2021 May Raised current target and established new targets for SDGs initiatives(reduction GHG emissions from business activities by 60% from a 2013 base-year ,design all new products to be 100% recyclable)
June Registered as an energy management service provider that supports energy conservation initiatives of factories and offices for the eighth consecutive year.
August Announced reduction greenhouse gas emissions to 55% by 2030 from 2017 to achieve substantially zero emissions by 2050
December  Azbil Named to the CDP 2021 “A List” for Climate Change
2020 January Announced long-term vision aimed at reaching “Substantially Zero Greenhouse Emissions” by 2050.
June Announced participation in Keidanren’s “Challenge Zero” declaration.
Announced support for Keidanren’s revised declaration of biodiversity.
August Established new numerical targets for the SDGs(Effective CO2 reduction at customers' sites:3.4 million metric tons of CO2 per year).
2019 May Azbil’s 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets certified as “Science Based Targets (SBTs)”.
November Announced support for recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).
2018 May Registered as an energy management service provider that supports energy conservation initiatives, including an azbil-led consortium, factories and offices for the fifth consecutive year.
2017 August Included as a constituent stock in three ESG indices newly selected by Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF).
September Starts joint validation testing for a thermal sensation voting air conditioning system that responds to the preferences of all building occupants.
2016 February Environment-friendly design initiative received an honorable mention at the 12th LCA Japan Forum Awards.
Work to protect maiden lilies in Minamiaizu in Fukushima Prefecture received an award as a good example of the conservation of Japan’s natural environment.
May azbil Group participates in carbon offset efforts at Ise-Shima Summit.
September Azbil Corporation has produced a brochure entitled “In Pursuit of Human-Centered Automation:Preserving the Environment”to coincide with the 110th anniversary of its foundingand the 10th anniversary of the formulation of “azbil.” (Japanese English Chinese)
October Azbil Corporation received EcoBalance Award for Best Business Practices at the 12th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance.
2015 February The azbil Group’s comprehensive “azbil Report 2014” received an award for excellence at the 18th Environmental Communication Awards.
March Revision of the aG Green Procurement Standards
May Azbil Corporation’s Shonan Factory was commended by the Kanagawa Environmental Conservation Association for its good environmental conservation practices.
2014 February Azbil Corporation received the 2013 Kanagawa Environment Award for exellence in the category of Programs to Counteract Global Warming.
2013 March The Yokohama branch of the Azbil Corporation Building Systems Company receives an achievement award at the 20th Yokohama Environmental Activity Awards.
April Azbil Kyoto Co., Ltd. begins environmental conservation projects.
December Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 certification.
2012 April Ecoriha EV Community receives the Environmental Value Creation Award as part of the 10th Japan Environmental Management Awards.
October Web-Infilex, a remote control service that makes energy consumption of air conditioning facilities visible and provides energy conservation and power saving solutions, receives a Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the Green IT Awards 2012.
November Azbil Kyoto Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 certification.
2011 February Agreement is signed with city of Fujisawa for preservation of green tracts of land, beginning with biodiversity preservation activities.
The use of carbon offsets for CO2 emitted at the (cosponsored) Shonan International Marathon begins.
July Agreement is signed with city of Minami-Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture for environmental protection activities, beginning with the semi-endangered himesayuri lily.
August Selected as a Carbon Manager Business Entity in response to a public appeal by the Cabinet Office. Training of carbon managers begins.
2010 April Awarded the top prize "Pearl Award" in the CO2 Reduction section of the 8th Japan Environmental Management Awards.
May CO2 emission reduction credits are acquired through ESCO business.
October AdaptivCOOL, an environmentally friendly data center cooling solution, wins the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Director-General Award” at the 2010 Green IT Awards.
2009 September azbil Group begins use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper for its business cards.
1,000m² of natural grass is planted on the roof of Isehara Factory.
December Fujisawa Technology Center receives the Kanagawa Earth Environment Award.
2008 February Support of Earth Day Tokyo, a citizens’ environmental festival, begins.
Cosponsorship of the Shonan International Marathon begins.
March Fujisawa Technology Center receives the Award Committee Special Award at the 6th Japan Environment Management Awards.
April After introduction of new uniforms (work clothes), recycling of all old uniforms is complete.
June Yamatake Group (presently azbil Group) implements Japan’s first trade of carbon emissions (tons of CO2) between private companies.
Group target for reduction of total tonnage of CO2 emissions is determined.
July Promotion of Eco-drive for 1000 business automobiles begins.
2007 July Fujisawa Technology Center receives a letter of thanks at the Tenth Thermal Storage Meeting.
August As part of the Nikkei New Office Awards, both the New Office Promotion Award and the Environment Award are received for the Fujisawa Technology Center’s new technology building (Building 100).
Fujisawa Technology Center receives the highest rank certificate ("S") from CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) for its new technology building (Building 100).
October The number of visitors taking the Fujisawa Technology Center Energy-Saving Factory Tour tops the 5000 mark.
2006 100th anniversary of the company’s founding Group philosophy is formulated:
Striving to realize safety, comfort, and fulfillment in people’s lives and contribute to global environmental preservation through human-centered automation
April The Yamatake Group (presently the azbil Group) assesses the creation of a system for the management of chemical substances in its products, and begins its phased introduction for certain products.
November Energy Conservation Seminar is held for building owners.
100th anniversary event is held using “green” electricity.
2005 April Company-wide environmental data system, Econavi, begins operation.
Yamatake Eco Program  (presently azbil Eco Program) launched.
2004 February The Yamatake Corporation (presently Azbil Corporation) Integrated environmental management system goes into operation.
2003 October Green Procurement Guidelines published.
2001 March Criteria for ISO14021 type-II environmental labeling (self-declared environmental information) formulated.
April The Yamatake Group (presently the azbil Group) Environmental Charter formulated.
2000 September English version of Environmental Report published.
1999 September Japanese version of Environmental Report published.
1997 July Environmental Design Guideline published.
1996 Corporate vision of the Yamatake Group (presently the azbil Group) is introduced.
Realizing a world that is friendly to people and the environment
January Basic Environmental Directives formulated.
March Environmental Management Committee established.
August Yamatake Corporation’s (presently Azbil Corporation’s) Fujisawa Factory (presently Fujisawa Technology Center) acquires ISO14001 certification.
1995 May Environmental Protection Office established.
1978 Corporate philosophy is introduced:
1906 Company established.