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Environmental Enlightenment Initiatives

Promoting Eco-Test Study and Certification
To raise each employee’s environmental awareness, the azbil Group recommends studying for and passing the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (the Eco-Test).
Interested employees have been voluntarily obtaining this certification since it became available in 2006. In fiscal year 2009, judging that the scope of the certification was suitable for the systematic study of global environmental problems, Azbil Corporation included it in its incentive system for self-improvement.

From fiscal year 2010, ended March 31, 2011, the azbil Group hosts voluntary seminars for employees aiming to pass the Eco-Test and for those who previously passed but want to acquire the most up-to-date ecology-related knowledge.1,873  employees passed the Eco-Test by March, 2022.

The enhanced environmental awareness employees gain by studying for the Eco-Test contributes to the use of environmental knowledge on the job, reduces the environmental impact of our workplaces, and increases the number of employees seeking to obtain more specialized certifications. We believe these factors help to raise the level of the azbil Group’s environmental activities.