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Realizing Our Desire to Reduce Environmental Impact Through Our Core Businesses

By delivering solutions based on its measurement and control technologies, the azbil Group promotes the advancement of society and industry. At the same time, we work tirelessly to reduce environmental impact in order to achieve a sustainable society. Throughout our history since the company’s founding, we have constantly demonstrated this spirit of helping to preserve the Earth’s environment.

We regard energy management solutions—aimed at reducing electricity and energy consumption and CO2 emissions—as a key priority in every area of business, and we deploy them in a wide range of fields, in office buildings, factories and plants, houses, and energy supply lines. One of our strengths is an integrated support system, which takes advantage of the azbil Group’s accumulated know-how gained through abundant experience and achievements in automation technology, to handle everything from planning to development, production, consulting, engineering, and after-delivery maintenance services. Based on the concept of “creating value on site,” we conduct meticulous onsite investigations, make accurate judgments on overall operations and equipment usage status, and make proposals tailored to various needs.

CO2emission reduction at customers’ sites(Contribution to the Environment)

In Buildings

We provides optimal air-conditioning control tailored to the size and use of the building, an achieves further energy efficiency through improvement and repair of facilities.

Air conditioning accounts for a large share of the energy consumed in buildings, so installing air conditioning control system for energy management is a key priority for saving energy. Amid the increasing need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, we provide the optimal building energy management system (BEMS) according to the size and use of the building. The BEMS collects information on machinery, equipment, and energy usage status, as well as on the indoor environment, enabling us to analyze the current status in detail and to forecast future demand. We also use this information to downsize machinery and equipment and to design upgrades under ESCO contracts. We provide energy management services that enhance the performance and maximize the energy efficiency of machinery and equipment by fine-tuning their operation and settings, while providing ongoing support for long-term energy savings through our full-service system. In addition, we deploy our control technology and know-how, amassed over many years, to suggest improvements, incorporating legal compliance work and various grant applications. We provide these energy management services as part of our building management business.

※Energy service company. An ESCO business provides comprehensive services related to the energy efficiency of buildings and factories. The effectiveness of the services is guaranteed by the provider.

At Production Sites

We uses automation to reduce the amount of electricity, steam, compressed air, and gas consumed by manufacturing processes at industrial plants and factories, helping to eliminate the waste of energy.

Production sites use energy in diverse forms, including electricity, gas, heat, and steam. Through the overall optimization of energy usage, we provide customers with total life-cycle support that includes productivity improvement and facility management. To this end, we conduct onsite energyefficiency diagnoses and use a “plan-do-see” procedure to make improvements. As an energy management service provider, Azbil Corporation offers energy management systems and support services that bolster the energy-saving efforts of our customers. Other services include applying for grants on behalf of customers. At production sites that use a large volume of energy, it is not easy to meet the criteria for government grants. For facilities with a complex mixture of equipment and energy, our employees—who possess wide-ranging knowledge, from facility mechanisms and control to engineering—identify the optimal control method for worksite energy savings and then deliver to the customer the benefits of reduced energy consumption. We have an extensive track record for this type of project, especially in the chemical, steel, food, and pulp and paper markets.

※Azbil Corporation is an energy management service provider registered with the Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative (SII).

Throughout Cities

We helps to maintain essential services such as the supply of water and gas, contributing to the continuing stability of society.

Against the background of a tight power supply stemming from the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as the expansion of renewable energy sources and the full liberalization of electricity retailing in Japan, authorities are encouraging reduced electricity consumption during peak hours while fostering the establishment of frameworks to ensure the reliable supply of power. Demand response (DR) services play an important role in these efforts. Since fiscal 2012, Azbil has participated in collaborative research and governmental proofof-concept experiments in various locations and compiled a strong track record in the aggregator business, which involves bundling electricity customers to provide DR services. Fiscal 2017 will see the full-scale launch in Japan of “negawatt” trading, which allows users to sell electricity saved (negawatts) through their DR services, and Azbil is participating in this initiative. Two of Azbil’s key strengths are its remote control technology, based on more than 30 years of BEMS use, and its automatic control using multiple energy sources. The use of cloud technology will enable us to connect a building’s BEMS with Azbil’s aggregation center to provide DR services automatically. As entire cities become “smarter,” Azbil will deploy its remote control technology to provide DR services that deliver new levels of value.