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Environmental Objectives, Targets and Results

Recognizing, based on our Group philosophy, that initiatives to preserve the earth’s environment are among the most important issues for management, we are constantly conducting activities aimed at achieving a sustainable society.

Azbil Corporation’s Environmental Objectives, Targets and Results

Environmental Objectives Targets for Fiscal Year 2021 Results for Fiscal Year 2021 Self-
Medium-Term Objective
(Fiscal Years 2024)
1. Decarbonization initiatives
Reduction of  CO2 emissions by azbil Group business activities*1

17 % reduction  (compared to 2017)

27 % reduction (compared to 2017) Good 30 % reduction (compared to 2017)
Increase the amount of CO2 cut through our main business
2.94million metric tons of CO2 /year*2 Good Increase the amount of CO2 cut through our main business
(FY2030 Targets:3.4 million metric tones of CO2)
2. Reduction of supply chain’s environmental impact through products
Increase net sales of environmentally friendly products
Increase % of sales of these products Good
Use of environmentally friendly design
(CO2 reduction throughout the product life cycle, product 3R*3)

Designed a system for sustainable design, set targets   

Good Make a progress tracking system for fulfilling SDG targets 
3. Increased resource recycling
Reduction of waste*4 1 % max.
1.2% Poor 1 % max.
4. Management of environmental risk, Biodiversity
Air, water quality, soil contamination, PCBs, etc. Zero instances of environmental non-conformity*5 Zero instances of environmental non-conformity Good Zero instances of environmental non-conformity
Compliance with regulations for chemicals
(Japan’s PRTR Law, EU regulations, etc.)
Appropriate compliance Good Appropriate compliance
Promote environmental conservation activity Continue previous initiatives Implemented online 
activities five times
Good Further help conserve biodiversity through business

*1.Covers Azbil Corporation, domestic consolidated subsidiaries, and overseas production bases.
*2.Estimations method for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019 is based on third-party review.
*3.“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” in order to effectively use resources.
*4.Manufacturing bases in Japan
*5.“Environmental non-conformity” refers to an environment-related fine, penalty, violation of law, or proceeding resulting in an administrative order.