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Measures in Environmental Initiatives

Seeking to realize a sustainable society, the azbil Group formulated its Environmental Initiative Measures to approach this challenge from four angles: reducing CO2 emissions, using resources wisely, coexisting with nature, and supplying environmentally friendly products and services. Based on these measures, we are extending our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our own business to cover our operations globally.

Environmental Measure

Reducing CO2

We are reducing the CO2 emissions of our own business.

Using a system we have developed, we are proactively gaining an understanding of the amount of energy we consume in order to reduce our environmental impact. We are always aware that the knowledge and knowhow obtained through energy conservation using our own system will help us to conserve energy for our customers and society. With the cooperation of all azbil Group members, we are working continuously to reduce CO2 emissions.

Prevention of Global Warming
CO2 Emission Reductions in Logistics

Using resources wisely

We are working to conserve resources and reduce waste disposal.

Through resource conservation, reuse, and recycling, we are continuously reducing waste and the amount of final disposal. This applies not only to paper and water use, but also includes preventing the disposal of defective products by improving the production process.

Environmental Performance / Site report

Coexisting with nature

We are working to preserve the nature surrounding us.

We comply with environmental laws and regulations in each country or area of business, and are keeping the violation of laws or regulations at “zero.” We are also preventing pollution of the environment by understanding and reducing the amount of hazardous chemical substances used. Additionally, we work for conservation of the natural environment together with local communities.

Environmental Regulation Compliance
Management of Chemical Substances in Products
Biodiversity Conservation

Supplying environmentally friendly products and services

Taking into consideration the entire product life cycle, and applying envirconment-friendly design to promote energy conservation, resource conservation, and preservation of the environment, we strive to provide environment-friendly products, and services. In that way, we help to reduce the environmental impact of ourselves, our customers, and society.

Environmentally Friendly Products and Services