The azbil Group Basic Policy on Health and Safety

Through “human-centered automation”, the azbil Group brings “safety, comfort, and fulfillment” to people and helps to preserve the global environment. Based on the “azbil Group philosophy”, the “Guiding Principles for azbil Group Business”, and the “azbil Group Code of Conduct”, we consider occupational health and safety activities as one of our most important management issues. In order to achieve a sustainable society, we ensure that not only employees, but also all people involved in the azbil Group business and supply chain (including temporary staff and contractors) can work in a safe, healthy and active work environment.

  1. Observing health- and safety-related laws and regulations
    We understand and comply with health and safety laws, and observe our own health and safety standards.
  2. Promoting 5S + 1S
    We promote good communication through 5S + 1S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Spotless, Self-discipline, and Smile) activities.
  3. Promoting health and well-being in the workplace
    We promote physical and mental health, and work to create a safe, secure, comfortable, and lively working environment.
  4. Eliminating dangerous risks
    We identify potential hazards in the workplace and strive to eliminate or reduce risks.
  5. Continuously improving occupational health and safety
    We set health and safety targets, promote occupational health and safety management systems, and strive for continuous improvement.
  6. Education and training
    We protect the health and safety of employees by implementing health and safety education and training.

March 1, 2023
Kiyohiro Yamamoto
President & Group CEO
Azbil Corporation