Risk Management

We are striving to construct a system that prevents risk so that we do not lose corporate value or the trust of the public.

Risk Management

The azbil Group makes extensive efforts to uncover risks that could potentially have a serious impact on its operations. Our azbil Group Comprehensive Risk Committee, consisting of senior managers, identifies “risks deemed important to the azbil Group,” which may then be determined to be key risks by the Board of Directors. To address key risks, we are building a management structure aimed at minimizing risk. This structure covers everything from the proposal of countermeasures to their implementation and the reporting of outcomes to the Board of Directors. In addition to the above, the Board of Directors of each individual Group company determines its own important risks and implements measures to counteract them.

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness and Business—Continuity Planning (BCP)

Regular emergency drills are conducted.

Under the leadership of the azbil Disaster Preparedness Liaison Committee, we are endeavoring to improve our disaster preparedness by conducting regular inspections at all of the azbil Group’s domestic business establishments and overseas production sites to identify risks and consider and implement countermeasures. Our continuing efforts to strengthen the azbil Group’s overall disaster preparedness include the development of a manual to guide the initial responses to a major earthquake, improvement of our system for checking the safety of employees, establishment of a workplace emergency contact network, enhancement of our communications infrastructure for disasters,and regular emergency drills. In addition, our ongoing business continuity planning aims to ensure that in the aftermath of a major disaster, manufacturing function links between Japan and overseas bases are restored at the earliest possible time and that maintenance services continue to be provided at customers’ sites.

Upgrading and Reinforcing the Information Management System

We conduct an educational program on information security for all Group employees every year, and also address information management issues that emerge in the course of compliance awareness surveys. We are upgrading and reinforcing our framework for managing important information and personal information (including consideration of the newly enacted EU General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure proper management throughout the Group. To prevent significant compromise of our level of services during a disaster, we are continually reviewing our backup systems, including the use of cloud computing environments.