Risk Management

We are striving to construct a system that prevents risk so that we do not lose corporate value or the trust of the public.

Risk Management

The azbil Group makes extensive efforts to uncover risks that could potentially have a serious impact on its operations.The azbil Group Comprehensive Risk Committee,led by the executive officer in charge of risk management,identifies “risks deemed important to the azbil Group,” which may then be determined to be key risks by the Board of Directors.To minimize the key risks, we are building a management structure extending from the proposal of countermeasures to their implementation and the reporting of outcomes to the Board of Directors.In addition to the above, the board of directors of each individual Group company determines its own important risks and implements measures to counteract them.

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning

Crisis training drill

The azbil Group takes disaster prevention measures aimed at minimizing damage to the Group and protecting people’s lives.These measures include making buildings earthquake-resistant, performing hazard inspections, stockpiling,deploying an emergency communication infrastructure,and providing education and training. We also have a business continuity plan (BCP) in place to ensure ongoing provision of products and services at predetermined levels after a disaster. This includes preparing the required funds, product and part stockpiles, personnel, and production facilities. To prepare for crises, we review our emergency contact network and emergency headquarters manual and work to strengthen systems so that the right decisions can be made on policies and important matters.

Upgrading and Reinforcing the Information Management System

We conduct an educational program on information security for all Group employees every year, and also address information management issues that emerge in the course of compliance awareness surveys. In addition, we have a framework to ensure proper protection of personal and other important information in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations.In these ways, we are upgrading and reinforcing the Group’s information management system.