Safety Meister System

Safety Meisters utilize their knowledge, experience and leadership skills in safety and health to prevent accidents. They are health and safety specialists who have the ability to offer guidance and support for improving onsite capabilities. As of March 2022, over 40 azbil Group Safety Meisters have been registered nationwide.

Safety Meisters carry out the following activities.

  • Safety patrols and guidance at worksites
  • Safety patrols and guidance at production plants
  • Response to accidents and prevention of accidents
  • Human resource training (safety and health education, etc.)

Role of Safety Meisters: hands-on safety training for new employees

In early May of 2023 we provided a hands-on safety training course for 118 new graduates.
The purpose of hands-on safety training is for students to experience the fear and pain of occupational accidents, to become more sensitive to danger, and to develop the ability to anticipate and avoid danger by experiencing hazards and recognizing dangerous behavior.
The training includes hands-on experience of hanging, impact and falling, getting pinched in something, being pulled into something, being cut, going up and down a stepladder, getting an electric shock, lack of oxygen, visually measuring heavy objects, virtual reality (VR), tying knots, etc.