The azbil Group Basic Policy on Quality

Through “human-centered automation”, the azbil Group brings “safety, comfort, and fulfillment” to people and helps to preserve the global environment. Based on the “azbil Group Philosophy”, the “Guiding Principles for azbil Group Business”, and the “azbil Group Code of Conduct”, we work to satisfy our customers’ expectations by supplying them with products and services of assured quality in the following three ways.

1. Using a quality management system
We use a quality management system to maintain and improve the quality of the products and services we provide.

2. Ensuring the anticipated level of quality
We will always ensure our level of quality meet the standard anticipated by our customers, implement continuous quality improvement, and strive to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformity in quality, reliability, or safety.

3. Aiming to offer appealing quality
We seek to provide attractive products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.

March 1, 2023
Kiyohiro Yamamoto
President & Group CEO
Azbil Corporation