The azbil Group Basic Policy on Environmental Management

Through “human-centered automation”, the azbil Group brings “safety, comfort, and fulfillment” to people and helps to preserve the global environment. Based on the “azbil Group philosophy”, the “Guiding Principles for azbil Group Business”, and the “azbil Group Code of Conduct”, we consider the protection of the global environment to be one of our most important management issues. To help achieve a sustainable society, we actively work to limit the environmental impact of our entire supply chain and to reduce the environmental impact when we conduct our business at our customers’ sites. We also aim to become an environmentally advanced company that actively resolves environmental issues.

1.Working toward carbon neutrality

We are rising to the challenge of climate change—in our business activities and throughout our supply chain—by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy use, improving efficiency, and utilizing renewable energy. We promote decarbonization at our customers’ sites by providing products, services, and solutions based on our measurement and control technologies.

2. Resource recycling and pollution prevention

We promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in order to reduce the use of raw materials and water in our business activities, and to produce less waste. We also work to improve the efficient use of limited natural resources. We strive to prevent chemical substances from polluting the environment.

3. Biodiversity conservation

We are strengthening our efforts to protect the natural environment through collaboration with various organizations inside and outside Japan. In addition to reducing the impact of our business activities on nature and biodiversity, we are working to restore the natural environment.

4. Creation and provision of environmentally conscious products, services, and solutions

We strive to create and provide products, services, and solutions that contribute to solving global environmental problems (through decarbonization, resource recycling, and biodiversity conservation).

5. Legal compliance

We comply with environment-related laws and other requirements.

6. Information disclosure and communication

We actively and regularly disseminate—both inside and outside the company—information related to our environmental initiatives. In addition, as a member of the local community, we cooperate with our various stakeholders, foster communication with them, and reflect these in our own environmental efforts.

7. Continuously improving our environmental management system and raising environmental awareness

In order to implement this policy, we identify risks and opportunities through the operation of our environmental management system, set environmental targets, and periodically monitor and review the progress of ongoing plans so as to reduce our impact on the environment and continuously improve the system. Furthermore, we will develop our staff with high environmental awareness by raising their level of environmental knowledge and technology. Also, all our employees will tackle environmental problems on their own initiatives.

January 1, 2023
Kiyohiro Yamamoto
President & Group CEO
Azbil Corporation