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Shonan International Marathon

Azbil participates as a Silver Sponsor in 2017

Azbil Corporation will support the 12th Shonan International Marathon on December 3, 2017 as a Silver Sponsor.

This will be the 12th time in a row that Azbil has sponsored the event since it first took place as Kanagawa Prefecture’s first full marathon in March 2007.

Two hundred and seventy-eight azbil Group employees—208 runners and 70 volunteers—joined the 2016 race last year. Runners, both experienced and first-timers, cheerfully completed the course, which has an ocean view.

Azbil helps the race to be eco-friendly

At the time of the 2nd Shonan International Marathon in 2008, sponsors and organizations with an interest in preserving the environment gathered and launched an "Eco-Friendship" project to nurture "green" awareness in all the people involved in the race. Azbil plays a leading role in this project and hosts various workshops on, for example, resource recovery by collecting trash at the race site, and it participates in other activities to improve awareness of the environment.

An Azbil booth serving as an eco-friendly cafè offers free drinks to participants who make an eco-friendly declaration. Since the 10th race, the company has been offering Fairtrade coffee from Mexico, pork miso soup with locally-grown vegetables, and local mandarin oranges instead of orange juice.

In addition, for the 10th anniversary of the "Eco-Friendship" project, six employees participated in an Eco-Runner project in which they ran the course while encouraging other runners to recycle the cups from the water stations.

Azbil is also responsible for analyzing the environmental impact of the Shonan International Marathon, and it helps in various ways to make the race environmentally friendly. For example, Azbil provides carbon offsetting by donating its carbon credits to offset the race’s CO2 emissions.

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