Shonan Bellmare

This year also, Azbil is an official partner of a soccer club

Azbil Corporation continues to focus on communication with its customers, local communities, and other stakeholders, in order to better familiarize them with its corporate philosophy of human-centered automation and the Group’s “azbil” logo.

With major offices in the Shonan region, Azbil is supporting a team called Shonan Bellmare, a J1 soccer club (J1 being the top division of the Japan Professional Football League) which has its home in the seven cities and three towns of the same region and which, like Azbil, is furthering its development by establishing close relationships with the community. By supporting the team, Azbil aims to be increasingly recognized by stakeholders across Japan, and to strengthen its communication with customers and others in the region.

The “azbil” logo appears on the team’s official training uniforms, and the company also supports rolling physical education lessons given by Shonan Bellmare Academy oaches at elementary schools in the cities of Isehara, Chigasaki, and Fujisawa, and in the town of Samukawa.

Shonan Bellmare official website