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Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC

Dates Oct 20-22, 2020
Organizer SingEX
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Exhibited products

Process automation

  • Early Warning System for Time Series Data
    Forecasts and visualizes future fluctuations important for safety management
  • Online Anomaly Monitoring System
    Detection and quick notification of anomalies utilizing big data
  • Control valve maintenance support system and smart valve positioners
    Improves efficiency of control valve maintenance operations with control valve management and online diagnostics

Factory automation

  • Multi-vendor IoT gateway
    Speeds up IoT integration development
  • Adjustable proximity sensor
    Visualizes the sensing safety margin, and reduce required configuration time

Building automation

  • Digital Twin Intelligent Building Management System
    Human-centric smart society with comprehensive and interlinked solutions to improve people’s quality of life
  • COVID-19 Solutions for Safe Building Environments
    Prevents the spread of diseases via airborne or aerosol-based transmission

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