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Introduction of Azbil Middle East branch

We at Azbil Corporation (Formerly known as Yamatake Corporation) are leading manufacturer and supplier of Building Management Systems with more than 110 years of expertise in BMS, advance industrial automation systems and factory automation systems. Spread across 20 countries with more than 25,000 installations, having all major products designed manufactured and supplied from our factories in Japan we are able to offer one of the broadest range of high reliability Building Automation products and Building Energy Management Solutions enabling our customers early return on their investment minimal project life cycle cost and trouble free building operation.

We provide Integrated Building Management Systems for all building types, sizes, and for every use. Our open communication platform and standard interfaces helps you integrate and control a vast range of different building facilities and systems.

Our Building Automation Products and solutions includes uniquely featured Energy Data Server, Energy Saving Flow Control and proven set of energy saving applications

Our Middle East office in Dubai with a Branch office in Abu Dhabi caters to all the business development, Project execution and support services for entire Middle East region including KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Jordan



The high performance HVAC equipment needs well-coordinated energy efficient controls to deliver building-wide optimal energy performance as a combined system. Our team of design engineers involves with the MEP consultants right from concept stage help include application specific energy saving controls from the beginning in the HVAC design.

Project Management, Installation and testing & Commissioning

Qualified project managers with years of industry experience coupled with team of suitably trained skilled engineers manage project from start to end giving our clients a smooth & timely project takeover.

Maintenance Services:

Having a dedicated & efficient after-sales technical staff enables us to serve our Clients 24 x 7 with minimum downtime.

Remote Maintenance Services:

Our cloud based remote maintenance service enables us to automatically collect and analyze a wide range of data for prompt and accurate diagnosis through a building automation system (BAS).
Remote maintenance service realizes a secure and comfortable environment.
Remote collection of data utilizing a network. Communication security is also ensured.
Analysis of energy use based on the collected data.

Energy Management services:

Azbil Corporation's all-inclusive, qualified energy management service - tems™, based on careful analyses, helps our clients to realize efficient use or management of energy by offering optimal facility systems.


We will provide a small write up on services. Which should be followed by a link products details on our main webpage of BA products

Products and Services for Building Automation

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