Azbil Certified as a Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization for the Fourth Consecutive Year

TOKYO, Apr. 9, 2021: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) announced its certification as a 2021 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (large enterprise category) by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in recognition of its initiatives to promote employee health. Azbil has been certified as a Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization by METI for four consecutive years starting in 2018.
The Health and Productivity Management Organization Program is run jointly by METI and Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and aims to certify large enterprises that practice outstanding health and productivity management*1 in collaboration with health insurance associations.

Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Guided by its philosophy of “human-centered automation,” the azbil Group announced a Health and Well-being Declaration*2 in July 2019. The Group encourages business management that values people by defining health and well-being management as a comprehensive approach that enables employees to work in a healthy and lively way, including initiatives to change methods of working and improve the workplace by reducing the total working hours and preventing harassment. Additionally, the Group strives to promote diversity so that everyone’s individuality is respected and their attributes are put to best use. Also, in connection with one of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the azbil Group’s goal is that by 2030 at least 65% of employees are satisfied with working in the azbil Group and at least 65% experience personal growth in the past year.

Azbil has introduced numerous initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving employee safety and health and has also been undertaking measures such as the following.
・Enhancing its occupational health system
・Expanding gynecological exams to younger women
・Introducing a test to assess stomach cancer risk
・Combatting lifestyle diseases by checking the sugar and sodium content in food from company vending machines and cafeterias
・Implementing calisthenics (Radio Taiso) twice a day to invigorate the body
・Implementing employee self-assessment for physical fitness
In 2020, employees began working from home and commuting at off-peak times to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), and the company began promoting health measures suitable for the new ways of working, such as online yoga and mental self-care seminars.

In fiscal year 2018, Azbil introduced new HR-related measures to improve work-life balance, employee development, diversity and inclusiveness, and job satisfaction. In the following year, it attempted to further improve health and well-being management by establishing an external consultation service that can be used not only by employees, but also by those who are concerned about an employee’s well-being, including family members, supervisors, and coworkers.

Looking ahead, the azbil Group plans to continue advancing people-centered health and well-being management, promoting employees’ health and happiness, and fulfilling its responsibilities to society.

※1 Strategic efforts to maintain the health of employees and others from a management perspective based on the idea that a company can expect great results by considering the health of its employees.
※2 The text of the azbil Group Health and Well-being Declaration is as follows.
Making Workplaces and Employees Healthy, Happy, and Lively
The azbil Group believes that the health of each employee is an important basis for corporate activities, and aims to create workplaces where each and every person at an azbil Group company works in a lively, healthy, and comfortable way, with a feeling of safety and peace of mind, and in a manner that suits each person. When each person is able to express his or her diverse abilities and to live a fulfilled life both at work and at home, productivity and performance will improve, resulting in innovation and contributions to society.
We declare our intention that companies and employees proactively work together to create a comfortable work environment, to enhance the mental and physical health of employees, and to make workplaces and employees healthy, happy, and lively.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.


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