Azbil Introduces Smart HART Modem Model AZ-1SHM with Power Supply Function for Fast Resolution of Communication Problems in Field Devices

TOKYO, October 28, 2021: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange code: 6845) announced the release of the Smart HART Modem model AZ-1SHM (hereafter, “1SHM”), which facilitates the configuration and adjustment of HART®*1 communication?compliant field devices at plants and other manufacturing sites. The 1SHM was launched in Japan and other regions*2 on October 20.

A HART modem is a digital communication interface device for setting up and configuring HART communication?compliant field devices such as sensors and valves (“HART devices”), which are installed in large numbers at manufacturing sites. In a new or expanded plant or during shutdown maintenance, maintenance personnel connect a host device via HART modems to HART devices to configure various parameters. In some cases, a problem related to wiring, connection environment, device compatibility or the power supply may prevent a connection. To investigate and mitigate the problem, a power supply, oscilloscope, or other equipment may be required. Additionally, field devices are sometimes installed in hard-to-reach places, putting the worker in danger.

The new 1SHM solves these problems. In addition to communication interface functions, it is equipped with functions to identify the cause of communication problems during configuration and setup. It also has wireless connectivity and a power supply function, allowing more efficient and safer maintenance. Since the modem can be used with Azbil’s and other companies’ HART devices, maintenance workers can safely and quickly handle communication problems using a single 1SHM unit.

This product won the 2020 Good Design Award in Japan and 2021 Red Dot Award in Germany.

Smart HART Modem model AZ-1SHM

Smart HART Modem model AZ-1SHM


Smart HART Modem model AZ-1SHM

Included software showing a HART communication waveform

  1. LEDs for quick understanding of device status
    The front LEDs enable users to instantly see the power and communication status. Elementary mistakes that cause connection problems (no power supply, incompatibility, etc.) can be detected quickly.
  2. Communication problem diagnosis
    A single 1SHM unit and included software provide functions that usually require dedicated equipment (oscilloscopes, protocol monitors, etc.), including displaying communication waveforms, noise level, and communication data. Workers can identify causes of communication problems quickly and reduce downtime.
  3. Power for field devices
    The 1SHM can power a HART device, ensuring reliable setup and configuration.
  4. Wireless connection to host
    Field devices are sometimes hard to reach. Also, the work environment may worsen due to weather conditions, and maintenance work in a safer and more comfortable place may be desired. The 1SHM can connect to the host device wirelessly via Bluetooth Classic, so the user can work in a safe place comfortably without being restricted by cable length.
  5. Easy-to-understand and highly visible design with ergonomics in mind
    The ergonomic design offers high usability and visibility.

Sales targets:

FY2021     250 units
FY2022    1000 units
FY2023    1500 units

Sales price:

100,000 yen (excluding tax)

Product details:

Smart HART Modem

Guided by the azbil Group’s philosophy of “human-centered automation,” Azbil aims to make contributions “in series” to a sustainable society and secure its own sustainable growth. It provides solutions for problems at production sites that meet customer needs.

*1 Highway Addressable Remote Transducer: communication method that superimposes a digital signal on a 4?20 mA analog signal.
*2 October release is for China, Southeast Asia, Germany, United States, and other locations. The 1SHM will be available in South Korea in mid-November.

* HART® is a registered trademark of FieldComm Group.
* Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.


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