Azbil Starts Overseas Sales of User Control Device for Office Buildings
- Contributes to Comfortable and Healthy Indoor Spaces Through Ventilation and Temperature Control-

TOKYO, December 20, 2021: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) today announced that it has started sales outside of Japan*1 of the multi-area user terminal, which is a device designed for office buildings that enables display and setting of air temperature, checking of CO2 concentration, and control of ventilation.

In addition to displaying room temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration, the device allows the user to turn ventilation on and off as necessary in specific areas. The user terminal features a flat design that helps it blend into the room’s design and by working with Azbil’s savic-net™G5 building management system, air from the outside is exchanged with the air inside, contributing to a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

Multi-area user terminal

The multi-area user terminal uses
recognizable icons in its intuitive interface

Multi-area user terminal

Outside air is introduced inside when a
specified CO2 level is exceeded


  • Easy screen controls for setting temperature and humidity, and setting and extending operation time
  • Uses easy-to-recognize icons for overseas markets
  • Compact and flat design for blending into a room’s design
  • Allows the user to turn ventilation on and off as necessary in specific areas, leading to increased comfort and energy saving. One user terminal can control up to eight areas and show the CO2 concentration for each area.

Guided by its philosophy of “human-centered automation,” the azbil Group aims to make contributions that lead “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society, as well as securing its own sustainable growth. It provides products that solve problems faced by society and meet customer needs.

*1 Sales will take place in Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, and other regions, with plans to expand to other regions in the future.

* savic-net is a trademark of Azbil Corporation.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.


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