Azbil Recognized as an Outstanding Corporation for Health and Productivity Management (White 500 Listing)
Promoting Health and Well-being Management Based on Our “Human-centered” Approach

TOKYO, Apr. 8, 2024: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) has been recognized as a 2024 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Corporation (large enterprise category, White 500 list) for its initiatives to promote employee health. Azbil’s naming to the White 500 list resulted from an FY2023 survey conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Azbil has been named a Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Corporation for seven consecutive years since 2018, and for this fiscal year, like the previous one, was listed in the White 500 category (among the top 500 businesses).

This program recognizes corporations that practice exceptional health management, based on their achievements in addressing health-related issues in local communities and in supporting health-promotion activities led by the Japan Health Council (Nippon Kenko Kaigi)

White 500

The azbil Group announced its Health and Well-being Declaration* in July of 2019, and it has been implementing work-style reforms to reduce total working hours and improve the workplace environment by preventing harassment, etc. Additionally, the Group strives to promote diversity so that everyone’s individuality is respected and their talents are put to best use. “Health and well-being management” is our comprehensive, human-oriented approach to ensuring that our employees are healthy and fully engaged in their work. The azbil Group has set its own SDG targets; as part of these, by 2030 we aim to have at least 65% of all employees satisfied with working for the Group, and at least 65% experiencing personal growth over the past year.

Part of health and well-being management involves implementing work-style reforms, which originally focused on business efficiency, but these have since evolved into creating new ways of working. Through various initiatives, we are promoting new work styles and constructing new workplace environments—for example, renovating offices to make them more suited to a hybrid (remote & in-office) work model—as well as advancing DX-based operational reforms. We are also implementing a variety of measures to enhance employee well-being and engagement—for example, creating environments where management and employees can talk together, and where employees can confer with each other; establishing a mentoring system; and enabling short-term internships in different departments.

As regards our diversity promotion efforts, we aim to expand the choice of work styles to enable a flexible response to life events and changing responsibilities, such as childcare and nursing care. We believe that the driving force for growth is for all employees to respect each other’s individuality—irrespective of gender, age, nationality, etc.—and to fully demonstrate their abilities. Azbil has formulated and is implementing an action plan to enhance workplaces so that all employees will continue to find their environment is pleasant to work in and offers more job satisfaction

Since its founding, the azbil Group has viewed human capital as a vital resource for generating value. While creating a comfortable working environment for employees, we have been promoting the development of human capital through training, thus transforming human resources into human assets. We see a person’s talents, including his or her abilities and characteristics, as assets; for us, the people with these talents, the groups who create value, are indeed human assets. We will continue to promote health and well-being management based on our human-centered concept, contributing to the health and happiness of our employees, and fulfilling our social responsibilities as a sound organization.

Health and Well-being Declaration of the azbil Group
The azbil Group believes that the health of each employee is an important basis for corporate activities, and it aims to create workplaces where each and every person at an azbil Group company works in a lively, healthy, and comfortable way, with a feeling of safety and peace of mind, and in a manner that suits each person. When everyone is able to express his or her diverse abilities and to live a fulfilled life both at work and at home, productivity and performance will improve, resulting in innovation and contributions to society.
The azbil Group declares its intention that companies and employees proactively work together to create a comfortable work environment, to enhance the mental and physical health of employees, and to make workplaces and employees healthy, happy, and lively.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.