KEL Corporation Yamanashi Factory

Customer's remark

The service is valuable as it handles the planning of all the facilities as a whole, not individual facilities one by one. A comprehensive energy conservation measures covering the entire building are practicable. It is also appreciated that it does not require the initial lump-sum investment to procure the facility.

Sales points

  • Little burden of initial investment
  • Reductions in energy expenditures (guarantee)
  • Substantial measure for ISO14001
    *The effects of energy conservation are now under review.

Key points in installation work

Discussion with the ESCO service provider was made to keep the cost for verification of energy conservation effect as low as possible and the deal was closed.

CO2 control system

CO2 control system

Cabinet panel (integrated time meter)

Cabinet panel (integrated time meter)

Demand controller (I/O control unit)

Demand controller (I/O control unit)

Energy conservation effect

Comparison between before and after the facility installation

Before facility installation (the reference values)
Electricity [kWh] Oil [l]
Total by item 1,441,176 24,000
Primary energy consumption(GJ/year) 14,794 935
Total 15,7294
Energy consumption basic unit(MJ/m²·year) 3,118
After facility installation (the measured or estimated values)
Electricity [kWh] Oil [l]
Total by item 1,336,048 18,794
Primary energy consumption(GJ/year) 13,715 732
Total 14,447
Energy consumption basic unit(MJ/m²·year) 2,864

Facility specifications

Contract demand 593kW Air-conditioning facilities packaged air conditioner, boiler, cooling tower
Stories 1 story x 4 buildings Refrigerating capacity equivalent to 100RT
Total floor area 5,045m² Heating capacity 1,500MJ/h
Receiving voltage 6.6kV Type of air-conditioning packaged air conditioner

Energy conservation measures

Introduction of high-efficiency lighting Mercury lamps were replaced with sodium lamps.
Replacement of fluorescent light ballasts Fluorescent light ballasts were replaced with inverter-controlled ones (Type 422).
Introduction of demand controller Demand control of PAC air conditioner was employed.
Introduction of CO2 based control of air conditioner Intake amount of fresh air is automatically controlled according to the CO2 concentration in the room air.

Fund raising and subsidies

Fund : Paid by the ESCO service provider

Contract type and contract period

Shared-savings contract / 9 years