Keiyu Hospital

Customer's remark

We actually practiced efforts for energy conservation by moderate temperature settings, nonuse of air conditioners or lightings when unnecessary, etc. But this time, we have got our energy conservation program into full gear by introducing new facilities.
The program is seeking for improvement in environment and energy conservation with cooperation of the service provider.

Sales points

  • Even inconspicuous wastages of energy were pointed out and measures were taken for that. In addition, as the building has broad glass windows, measures reducing sun penetration was taken. As a result, both energy conservation and improvement in environment could be realized at the same time.

Key points in installation work

As the installation work was carried out without closing the hospital, utmost attention had to be paid to the safety of both in-patients and out-patients, and thus a meticulous schedule was worked out, according to which the hospital and the contractor carefully conducted the installation work in closer cooperation.
Part of the work had to be carried out inside the hospital, but understanding of the patients could be obtained by explaining that the purpose of the work was improvement in environment and energy conservation, and the work could be smoothly carried on.

Before installation work

Before installation work

After installation of insulating films

After installation of insulating films

Energy conservation effect

Annual energy consumption (GJ/ year)

Comparison between before and after the facility installation

Before facility installation (the reference values)
Electricity [kWh] Cold water [MJ] Hot water [MJ]
Total by item 7,337,967 25,953,000 33,426,000
Primary energy consumption
75,471 25,953 33,426
Total 134,850
Energy consumption basic unit
After facility installation (the measured or estimated values)
Electricity [kWh] Cold water [MJ] Hot water [MJ]
Total by item 7,182,109 22,313,000 33,663,000
Primary energy consumption
73,868 22,313 33,663
Total 129,844
Energy consumption basic unit

Facility specifications

Contract demand 1,350kW Air-conditioning facilities district heating and cooling (DHC) and air conditioner, FCU
Stories 13 stories above ground and 3 below Refrigerating capacity DHC (cold water)
Total floor area 35,000m² Heating capacity DHC (steam)
Receiving voltage 20kV Type of air-conditioning air conditioner, FCU

Energy conservation measures

Automatic control of air-conditioner settings Settings of air conditioners are automatically adjusted according to load factors.
Optimal control of heat source pressures Pressures of heat sources are adjusted according to load factors.
Installation of insulating window films By cutting the penetrating sun, thermal efficiency of air conditioning is improved.
Fan control according to CO concentration in car parking According to detected CO concentration, power supply for ventilating fans of the basement car parking is controlled, to reduce waste of electricity.

Fund raising and subsidies

Fund : self-financing
Subsidies : Project for Promoting the Introduction of High-Efficiency Housing/Building Energy Systems (Project for promoting BEMS introduction)

Contract type and contract period

Guaranteed-savings contract / 2 years