Terms and Conditions

We would like to express our appreciation for your purchase and use of Azbil Corporation's products.
You are required to acknowledge and agree upon the following terms and conditions for your purchase of Azbil Corporation's products (system products, field instruments, control valves, and control products), unless otherwise stated in any separate document, including, without limitation, estimation sheets, written agreements, catalogs, specifications and instruction manuals.

  1. Warranty period and warranty scope
    1.1 Warranty period
    Azbil Corporation's products shall be warranted for one (1) year from the date of your purchase of the said products or the delivery of the said products to a place designated by you.
    1.2 Warranty scope
    In the event that Azbil Corporation's product has any failure attributable to azbil during the aforementioned warranty period, Azbil Corporation shall, without charge, deliver a replacement for the said product to the place where you purchased, or repair the said product and deliver it to the aforementioned place.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, any failure falling under one of the following shall not be covered under this warranty:
    1. Failure caused by your improper use of azbil product
      (noncompliance with conditions, environment of use, precautions, etc. set forth in catalogs, specifications, instruction manuals, etc.);
    2. Failure caused for other reasons than Azbil Corporation's product;
    3. Failure caused by any modification or repair made by any person other than Azbil Corporation or Azbil Corporation's subcontractors;
    4. Failure caused by your use of Azbil Corporation's product in a manner not conforming to the intended usage of that product;
    5. Failure that the state-of-the-art at the time of Azbil Corporation's shipment did not allow Azbil Corporation to predict; or
    6. Failure that arose from any reason not attributable to Azbil Corporation, including, without limitation, acts of God, disasters, and actions taken by a third party.
    Please note that the term "warranty" as used herein refers to equipment-only-warranty, and Azbil Corporation shall not be liable for any damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of Azbil Corporation's products.
  2. Ascertainment of suitability
    You are required to ascertain the suitability of Azbil Corporation's product in case of your use of the same with your machinery, equipment, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Equipment") on your own responsibility, taking the following matters into consideration:
    1. Regulations and standards or laws that your Equipment is to comply with.
    2. Examples of application described in any documents provided by Azbil Corporation are for your reference purpose only, and you are required to check the functions and safety of your Equipment prior to your use.
    3. Measures to be taken to secure the required level of the reliability and safety of your Equipment in your use
      Although azbil is constantly making efforts to improve the quality and reliability of Azbil Corporation's products, there exists a possibility that parts and machinery may break down.You are required to provide your Equipment with safety design such as fool-proof design, *1  and fail-safe design *2  (anti-flame propagation design, etc.), whereby preventing any occurrence of physical injuries, fires, significant damage, and so forth. Furthermore, fault avoidance, *3  fault tolerance, *4  or the like should be incorporated so that the said Equipment can satisfy the level of reliability and safety required for your use.

      *1. A design that is safe even if the user makes an error.
      *2. A design that is safe even if the device fails.
      *3. Avoidance of device failure by using highly reliable components, etc.
      *4. The use of redundancy.
  3. Precautions and restrictions on application
    3.1 Restrictions on application
    Please follow the table below for use in nuclear power or radiation-related equipment.
    Nuclear power quality (*5) required Nuclear power quality (*5) not required
    Within a radiation controlled area  (*6)  Cannot be used (except for limit switches for nuclear power  *7)  Cannot be used (except for limit switches for nuclear power  *7) 
    Outside a radiation controlled area  (*6)  Cannot be used (except for limit switches for nuclear power  *7)  Can be used

    *5. Nuclear power quality: compliance with JEAG 4121 required.
    *6. Radiation controlled area: an area governed by the requirements of article 3 of “Rules on the Prevention of Harm from Ionizing Radiation,” article 2 2 4 of “Regulations on Installation and Operation of Nuclear Reactors for Practical Power Generation,” article 4 of “Determining the Quantity, etc., of Radiation-Emitting Isotopes,”etc.
    *7. Limit switch for nuclear power: a limit switch designed, manufactured and sold according to IEEE 382 and JEAG 4121.

    Any Azbil Corporation's products shall not be used for/with medical equipment.

    The products are for industrial use. Do not allow general consumers to install or use any Azbil Corporation's product. However, azbil products can be incorporated into products used by general consumers. If you intend to use a product for that purpose, please contact one of our sales representatives.
    3.2 Precautions on application
    you are required to conduct a consultation with our sales representative and understand detail specifications, cautions for operation, and so forth by reference to catalogs, specifications, instruction manual, etc. in case that you intend to use azbil product for any purposes specified in (1) through (6) below.
    Moreover, you are required to provide your Equipment with fool-proof design, fail-safe design, anti-flame propagation design, fault avoidance, fault tolerance, and other kinds of protection/safety circuit design on your own responsibility to ensure reliability and safety, whereby preventing problems caused by failure or nonconformity.
    1. For use under such conditions or in such environments as not stated in technical documents, including catalogs, specification, and instruction manuals
    2. For use of specific purposes, such as:
      • Nuclear energy/radiation related facilities
        [When used outside a radiation controlled area and where nuclear power quality is not required]
        [When the limit switch for nuclear power is used]
      • Machinery or equipment for space/sea bottom
      • Transportation equipment
        [Railway, aircraft, vessels, vehicle equipment, etc.]
      • Antidisaster/crime-prevention equipment
      • Burning appliances
      • Electrothermal equipment
      • Amusement facilities
      • Facilities/applications associated directly with billing
    3. Supply systems such as electricity/gas/water supply systems, large-scale communication systems, and traffic/air traffic control systems requiring high reliability
    4. Facilities that are to comply with regulations of governmental/public agencies or specific industries
    5. Machinery or equipment that may affect human lives, human bodies or properties
    6. Other machinery or equipment equivalent to those set forth in items (1) to (5) above which require high reliability and safety
  4. Precautions against long-term use
    Use of Azbil Corporation's products, including switches, which contain electronic components, over a prolonged period may degrade insulation or increase contact-resistance and may result in heat generation or any other similar problem causing such product or switch to develop safety hazards such as smoking, ignition, and electrification.
    Although acceleration of the above situation varies depending on the conditions or environment of use of the products, you are required not to use any Azbil Corporation's products for a period exceeding ten (10) years unless otherwise stated in specifications or instruction manuals.
  5. Recommendation for renewal
    Mechanical components, such as relays and switches, used for Azbil Corporation's products will reach the end of their life due to wear by repetitious open/close operations.
    In addition, electronic components such as electrolytic capacitors will reach the end of their life due to aged deterioration based on the conditions or environment in which such electronic components are used.
    Although acceleration of the above situation varies depending on the conditions or environment of use, the number of open/close operations of relays, etc. as prescribed in specifications or instruction manuals, or depending on the design margin of your machine or equipment, you are required to renew any Azbil Corporation's products every 5 to 10 years unless otherwise specified in specifications or instruction manuals.
    System products, field instruments (sensors such as pressure/flow/level sensors, regulating valves, etc.) will reach the end of their life due to aged deterioration of parts.
    For those parts that will reach the end of their life due to aged deterioration, recommended replacement cycles are prescribed. You are required to replace parts based on such recommended replacement cycles.
  6. Other precautions
    Prior to your use of Azbil Corporation's products, you are required to understand and comply with specifications (e.g., conditions and environment of use), precautions, warnings/cautions/notices as set forth in the technical documents prepared for individual Azbil Corporation's products, such as catalogs, specifications, and instruction manuals to ensure the quality, reliability, and safety of those products.
  7. Changes to specifications
    Please note that the descriptions contained in any documents provided by azbil are subject to change without notice for improvement or for any other reason. For inquires or information on specifications as you may need to check, please contact our branch offices or sales offices, or your local sales agents.
  8. Discontinuance of the supply of products/parts
    Please note that the production of any Azbil Corporation's product may be discontinued without notice. After manufacturing is discontinued, we may not be able to provide replacement products even within the warranty period.
    For repairable products, we will, in principle, undertake repairs for five (5) years after the discontinuance of those products. In some cases, however, we cannot undertake such repairs for reasons, such as the absence of repair parts.
    For system products, field instruments, we may not be able to undertake parts replacement for similar reasons.
  9. Scope of services
    Prices of Azbil Corporation's products do not include any charges for services such as engineer dispatch service. Accordingly, a separate fee will be charged in any of the following cases:
    1. Installation, adjustment, guidance, and attendance at a test run
    2. Maintenance, inspection, adjustment, and repair
    3. Technical guidance and technical education
    4. Special test or special inspection of a product under the conditions specified by you
    Please note that we cannot provide any services as set forth above in a nuclear energy controlled area (radiation controlled area) or at a place where the level of exposure to radiation is equivalent to that in a nuclear energy controlled area.