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Wellness ✕ Employee Work Style ✕ Sustainability

Workplaces Contributing to the Development of Enterprises With Wellness ✕ Employee Work Style ✕ Sustainability

It’s time to reimagine how a workplace should be for employees who support sustainable development of enterprises!
Learn how to create a healthy workplace where employees feel safe, secured and comfortable at work.
This whitepaper will introduce concepts of workplace wellness from the viewpoint of air, light, thermal environment.

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Enabling Energy Conservation
in Water Distribution System
in Building HVAC Facilities

Practicing energy conservation in buildings will greatly contribute towards the creation of a sustainable society and the protection of our global environment.
As HVAC facilities in buildings consume large amounts of energy, it is essential to focus on saving energy in this area. Operating water distribution systems in HVAC facilities is important to balance the volume of water.

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Smart Society

Smart Society White Paper covers a concept that strives to utilize innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data across all industries to achieve economic development and solve social problems. It is also a transition of Technology-Driven Smart Cities with an estimate market value of US$2.4 trillion by 2025, to Human-Centered Smart Society.

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Countermeasures for
preventing airborne disease
transmission indoors

Countermeasures for preventing airborne disease transmission indoors white paper illustrates how design modifications to central air-conditioning systems can improve ventilation, manage humidity, purify air and enhance airflow

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