Yamatake Memorial

Forward-Looking Takehiko Yamaguchi, the Founder of Azbil

Yamatake, as Azbil was formerly called, was founded as Yamatake Shokai in 1906 (year 39 of the Meiji Era). Its founder, Takehiko Yamaguchi, made on-site inspections in European nations and America and was very impressed by the high level of their technology at the time. Takehiko soon began importing their advanced machine tools and industrial instrumentation and thus contributed to Japan’s industrial development. He also founded a company called Nippon Sanso (currently, Taiyo Nippon Sanso) for the domestic production of oxygen, which until then had to be imported. In addition, he founded Nippon Seiko Limited Partnership Company to produce domestic ball bearings. Considering that these three companies are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today and continue to develop, Takehiko was obviously a man of foresight. Yamatake Memorial presents Takehiko’s innovative ideas and skills that enabled him to survive through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods of Japanese industrial history.

History of Automation

Yamatake Memorial traces the company’s history from the 1950’s, when it was committing itself to the development of process automation, factory automation, and building automation technologies, and displays many of the actual machines it made during that period. These products are full of the passion and ideas of past engineers making full use of the advanced technologies of their time. We would do well to learn from the past. Clues for solving today’s challenges may be found everywhere in the history of automation presented by Yamatake Memorial.

Video on Yamatake Memorial

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Yamatake Memorial–Overview of Exhibition Contents

Yamatake Memorial–Overview of Exhibition Contents

Yamatake Memorial is situated on the premises of Azbil Corporation’s Fujisawa Technology Center.
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