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Direction for R&D Policy

Taking advantage of changes in the business environment and technological developments, the azbil Group is continuing its efforts to improve measurement and control technology for field devices and system solutions.

Field Devices

Sensing device technology that incorporates MEMS, advanced measurement principles, and AI capabilities to achieve autonomous field devices

Examples of development

Humidity element miniaturization and sensor units

System Solutions

Application of cutting-edge technology such as cloud systems and AI, processing of big data from operating sites, and communication of complex phenomena in a simple manner, allowing for whole-system optimization

Examples of development

New air-conditioning system for “new-normal” ways of working,
Early warning system for time series data

Field Device and System Solution Collaboration

Technology that controls field devices based on information optimized using system solutions, working harmoniously with people, and with cooperation among control devices

Examples of development

Model NX-SVG communications gateway model, providing program-less information sharing be-tween different control devices