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Direction for R&D Policy

In keeping with its ideal of human-centered automation, the azbil Group has always provided long-lasting value in a wide range of changing environments, including industrial plants, production factories, buildings, houses, and essential infrastructure. For that reason it presses ahead with technological and product development, focusing on five strategic areas of technology, taking a long-term perspective on societal and technological trends and challenges facing our customers.

Machine systems with humanlike abilities

These intelligent systems or machines are capable of working with people because they have humanlike abilities, such as tactile sense and image recognition, in addition to other of Azbil’s long-cultivated technologies. Intelligent systems can help people and work with them in production environments and in the home care area.

Flexible measurement and control

By developing measurement and control technology with greater freedom of time and place in a wide variety of manufacturing and living environments, we will be able to extend measurement and control to areas that were previously inaccessible because of place, time, and environmental constraints.

Advanced technology that clarifies complex systems

This is technology that clarifies the status and problems of complex processes, allowing the development of highly evolved systems with advanced controllability. By advancing from visualization to understanding, this information processing technology will enable the control and development of dramatically advanced systems to handle the control and problems of complex processes.

Systems enabling us to live in harmony with nature

By applying control technology that reduces our impact on the environment we will harmonize human activity (production and living) with nature. Systems will detect changes in the ambient environment in order to supply the optimal amount of energy.

Individualized environmental comfort systems

Through technologies providing comfortable and high-quality living space, energy-efficient heating and control systems will take individual preferences into account and optimize temperature distribution depending on the location of people and sources of heat.