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Admass Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Model RC111_

This Coriolis flowmeter is made for the measurement of liquid and gas. It utilizes a unique torsion bar vibration system to vibrate the detector tube indirectly. When fluid flows, it detects the phase difference in order to directly measure the mass of the fluid. Because it directly obtains the mass flow rate, this flowmeter does not require the temperature and pressure compensation needed by volumetric flowmeters.

Highly accurate liquid mass flow rate measurement

Calibration by the actual fluid flow using the mass method gives this flowmeter a high accuracy of ±0.2 % of the reading, which contributes to better productivity.


After calibration by actual water flow at Azbil Kyoto, one of Azbil Corporation's key flowmeter plants, traceability is provided to the customer. (Applicable diameters: 10-50 mm.)

High accuracy measurement down to 5 % of the range

Since the mass flow rate for liquid is calibrated to a high accuracy down to 5 % of the flow rate range, this flowmeter can measure the flow rate accurately at low flow rates, and thus the customer does not have to change the flow rate range even if the flow rate decreases due to factory load variations.

Resistance to piping vibration due to torsion bar vibration system

Unlike ordinary Coriolis flowmeters that directly vibrate the tube, this flowmeter uses a torsion bar inside the detector to vibrate the tube indirectly. This method allows measurement without vibrating the entire tube so this flowmeter measurement system is resistant to piping vibration. Changes in density that occur when bubbles are mixed in the fluid due to cavitation or other factors can also be tracked.

Easy-to-handle separable converter

Separation of the converter and detector allows installation of the converter in an easily visible and safe location, making it easy to change flowmeter settings or read the display, and enhancing safety.

Sizes from small to large diameter

We offer detectors up to 50 mm in diameter using the testing equipment at Azbil Kyoto and up to 300 mm in diameter through a German testing facility. In this way we can support applications over a wide range of flow rates.

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